OT: Relay for Life

Hello all! As many of you know, our DS has been fighting a battle against cancer since 2001, with a recurrence in 2004 that resulted in the loss of his left leg. He is now cancer free and is letting nothing hold him back from the things he loves to do.

Part of the way we are supporting him is by participating in the Relay for Life that the American Cancer Society puts on in various locations around the country.

This year, DS has been asked to be the Honorary Co-Chairman of our local relay. He will be leading the Survivor Lap around the track & will have the opportunity to say a few things to the crowd. (He’s only 11, so I have a feeling this will be a short speech. :wink: )

Our team for the relay has a pretty lofty goal that we’re trying to meet, and, with Amy’s permission, I would like to ask for your help, if at all possible. Every little bit helps. My donation page is here.

We would truly appreciate any help you can offer.

:wink: I left you a donation!

Your son (and family) are a true inspiration! :heart:

Done! :heart:

Already done! Good luck to your son!

You guys are great!!! (and very generous :shock:) Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! :heart: :heart:

I don’t think that your goal was lofty enough :wink: It’s only cause we love ya and your kiddies :heart: :heart:

Thanks, Sandra. :wink:

Perhaps I should go and up the ante, eh? :lol:

I think so :slight_smile: You will get my donation as soon as Tdawg gets home from work . I forgot that he took the card with him today. lol

[size=2]I still have much love :P[/size]

:smiley: Your ds is VERY brave, YAY for him!!! I printed the form and will send a happily send a check. :smiley:

Thank you, Sandra!!! :heart: :heart: You’re such a sweetie … and I do belive this is the first time I’ve seen your “little kid” avvie … HOW CUTE!!

[size=2](btw … I just upped the ante. :smiley: )[/size]

:thumbsup: I know that you will reach that goal as well!

:cheering: :cheering: Thanks, Becka!!! :cheering: :cheering:

I have left you a donation, also. Good luck.

Rachel … Thank you!!! And oh what a cute baby you were!! :smiley:

Just bumping this up … Thanks :smiley:

Your son is very courageous. :heart: I left a donation too. Best of luck with your goal!

:sunny: Thank you, Amber!!! :sunny:

:blowing big kisses to everyone:


I just made my visit!

My mom, sister and I do the walk every year in memory of my Auntie and Grandfather.

I’m happy that I could make that pledge in SUPPORT of your son :slight_smile:

Thank you Miss Sara & Steph!!!

The Relay was a BLAST!!! The weather could not have been better, and the turnout was fantastic. At last count our team raised … drum roll please …

… $12,000!!! WOW!

Thanks to many of you and our friends, neighbors and family, we contributed nearly $2000 to that total. That’s the most we’ve ever raised for this event, and I am truly grateful to all of you who chipped in (either for me or for someone else that you supported!!).

The kids and I got home around 1 am on Sat. DH stayed overnight @ the Relay. DS was supposed to stay out there, but he decided that he really wanted to sleep in his own warm bed at home. :lol:

We had a couple of surprise visitors while we were there. One of the medical students that we’ve befriended @ the hospital came out with a friend of his. They ended up staying most of the evening & we had a great time with them. At around midnight, my DH ran into one of our our neighbors and his two young sons. They had decided to come over and check out what was going on – at MIDNIGHT! :lol:

Overall, it was a great event. If I can get my ducks in a row, I’d like to hold some fundraising events (a Knit-a-Thon perhaps???) between now and next year’s relay and organize my own team as I’ve done in the past. I’d love to have some knitters involved!! :thumbsup: