OT: real or artificial? (your Christmas tree)

Just curious.

Both of ours are real. One in the living room in front of the picture window, one in the rec room.

I know some artificial ones these days look great, but we love the look and smell of a real tree. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to try a different type next year. As I sit here, I can hear the falling needles hit the gifts underneath. Good thing it’s almost Christmas.


Growing up we had artificial. I find I like a read tree because you don’t have to store it!

Mine’s artificial. I read an article a long time ago about all the dangers real trees can bring to indoor cats. I guess I believed it, because I’ve never gotten a real tree.

I don’t actually make a big deal out of celebrating the Winter Solstice now that I’m on my own, though I still get gifts for everyone and give them out on their preferred date (some celebrate the modern “Christmas” or “Xmas” version of the solstice or even other unrelated winter holidays).

Being a big fan of the historical origins and changes throughout time of religions, I prefer the Egyptian version with the palm tree leaves.Mainly, my boyfriend and I only do it for laughs and because it encourages people to ask questions and research the history behind the holiday they celebrate.

After the Great Spider Incidents (twice) we gave up and got an artificial tree. I figure it leaves me an extra appx. $75 bucks a year to spend anyway. :thumbsup:

Artifical-no dead needles

Artificial, both…I have a white tree in our front room, with pink lights and a green tree in our family room with green and red lights…I love the look and smell of a real tree, but, it’s hard enough keeping up on vacuuming with so many animals in the house (kids and hubby included :teehee:)…Not to mention when one of my dumb 'ol cats knocks over one (or both) of the trees, it’s much easier cleaning up with an artificial tree!

Artificial. We put our tree in the Foyer so got a thin one so it won’t block the flow into the Living Room. Haven’t had a real tree since our kids were small. I like the smell of a real tree though.

Real - Frasier Fur…not holly trees or bushes etc - a god 'ole fashioned Christmas tree. I grew up hunting for Christmas trees, cutting it down etc so just the fact that I don’t live near enough a cut your place was enough of a let down - can’t see going artificial.

Artificial. When my daughters were small, they were both allergic, so we got an artificial one. They’re both grown now, and we could get a real one if we wanted to, but economically, the artificial is more practical.

I don’t think I mentioned that we have two artificial ones. One narrow one for the family room and a bigger one for the living room.

We’ve always had real trees, and most likely will continue to do so. With that said, last year we’d just gotten ours after a snow so we left it outside to dry off…and got socked with an ice storm, so we had no tree inside. This year, due to some unexpected surgery and restrictions on stretching and lifting, my dh picked up a cheezy $29 tree at KMart (it’s nothing to write home about, but I insisted after having absolutely NO tree last year - figured it’s better than nothing) that’s only 3 feet tall. Ya gotta roll with the punches.

I don’t think I need to hear the details about those incidents! I like to think that’s not a concern here since there’s usually snow or at least several heavy frosts by the time we go to the tree farm.

We had an artificial tree growing up, not a great looking one. Hubby grew up with real ones, so that’s what we’ve done for 20+ years. Don’t remember the needles ever falling so much or so early though.

Interesting how many people have 2 trees.

Artificial. I’m allergic to trees…and everything else.

After reading Jan’s reply (spiders), I’m very, very, very glad we don’t get a real tree!

Artificial and I light a balsalm/pine scented candle. It confuses people when they visit – they often ask me if my tree is real even though they are pretty sure it isn’t. :slight_smile:

I give away trees for xmas. I have to thin them anyway. If someone wants to plant it on their property after,then they hire a backhoe and ball the roots.