OT - Readability

I saw this in my technology news and I think it’s pretty cool. Sometimes web pages are so hard to read with distracting ads and blinking stuff! :hair: This gets rid of it all and makes it easier to read. It seems a little weird at first, but for a serious article I think it’ll be great!

ETA: I use Firefox and it’s fine with it.

Hi, Jan! :waving:

Thanks so much for this. It’s way cool! I tried it out on an article on Knitty and was thrilled!

You just come up with the most intriguing stuff! This is a gem!

Ruthie :hug:

Ooo I hadn’t thought of using it for stuff like that, but I just tried it and it’s awesome! Easier to print if you want to, too! :thumbsup:

I have used Readability and love it. Reading on the screen can be tedious, and Readability definitely helps.

On the same topic, another tool that I like is http://www.instapaper.com/ . It’s free and lets you bookmark pages for reading later. And like Readability, it just grabs the text and removes all the distractions, and makes reading on the computer pleasant. There’s also an app for the iPhone/pod/pad. It’s one of my most used apps.

Hmm, don’t know if it’s the settings on my computer, but I added both to my toolbar and all it does when I click on either one is bring me to their websites.

Thanks for the info on the app and the instapaper link, I’ll check those out, too.

@Margaret- That’s strange. I wonder why it does that. :think:

I’m on my work laptop - who knows what adminstrator settings they have on here to cause stuff like that to happen!

Ahhh that makes sense. I guess they don’t really want you reading articles that don’t pertain to work. :doh: You may have to wait to use it at home, but that bites because you spend so much time at work.

You find and share the best things with us, Jan! Thank you!

I’ve used Firefox for more years than I can remember and I honestly don’t know what I would do without my adblock or popup blockers. Whenever I am forced to view a page in Internet Exploder my brain hurts and I am forced to take a G&T break. That link really helps if you’re not familiar with installing add-ons to your browser. That one’s a keeper and a link I will recommend to people who ask me to fix their internets.

It also makes the font a little bigger and gets rid of comments on blogs. I know you can read the comments if you like, but some blog’s comments are ridiculous and I hate even looking at them! I also learned that there’s a little arrow up in the corner that reloads the original page (to go to the next or link or whatever).