OT re: crocheting

Is there a website similar to this (with the video’s) on crocheting?

I don’t know of one with videos like Amy’s, but there’s crochetcabana.com and YouTube.com has some good crochet videos. :slight_smile:

try http://www.nexstitch.com

anniesattic.com also has videos for various stitches.


I found a site that sells the Coats and Clark dvd for about half the price Amazon sells it for: www.sbcrochet.com/crochetsoftware.shtml . I plan on buying it as our library does not have the dvd.

The YouTube site is helpful also and it’s free. I didn’t sign up and I didn’t get the sound, but it answered my questions just by watching it.

I wonder why more people don’t crochet? I find it as relaxing as quilting.

As soon as I learn to crochet, I plan on making a crochet felted bag big enought for all the yarn I have started to collect. Then I want to make some large lined, felted bags to hold quilts!


Nexstitch is the best one I could find. If you need some crochet help, feel free to PM me!

Nexstitch is great for videos. But you can also go to Crochetville.org for forums like this one for further help. They’re great.