So we’ve had this nasty heatwave going on–like many other places around the US and yesterday we had a massive thunderstorm/lightening storm. It even hailed golf balls! We lost power and it rained so hard that w/ the wind it actually came in the kitchen from under the french doors off of the deck!

As I was posting my last response to a thread…it just started raining again!! I love it! It’s my favorite knitting weather and Lord knows my plants need it!

We had a deluge last night and today was the most beautiful day ever. I hope your rain brings you some heat relief, too!

Never thought I’d say I was jealous for rain, but I am! :shock:

I’m jealous too! I thought we’d get more out of this last system than we did. Here in N Alabama we got hardly anything. TN got quite a bit, as did central and southern AL. Not us. It rained for maybe 30 minutes total. My yard is still brown and crunchy; my azaleas and one dogwood are dead. :verysad: But, at least it’s not 100 degrees anymore, at least not for awhile. :rollseyes:

We had a lot of rain here last night(Sat. night) as well, a lot lightning and thunder, but nothing extreme here. Actually our light show was very pretty last night, almost all cloud to cloud, all the bad stuff stayed a few miles away for a change. We had even more rain tonight, thankfully it was just rain for a change, a relief from all the severe thunder storms we’ve been getting around this area.

Could you please send some of that rain out to Texas? We haven’t had any in months! :help:

OH, my. I’d forgotten what the heat and climate could be like back in the states. When we lived in Alabama, it was like that. Over here in NZ, all it does all winter long is rain and here I am complaning about it. :oops: I’d send you some if I could, I promise…

we need rain here very badly - I could really do with a nice strong thunder storm to clear the air!

Thanks! sniff

Where in Alabama did you live?