OT-question for people from the UK

This summer, I’ll go on vacation in the UK, with dbf and his parents, because one of their sons will go to the world jamboree. We’re looking for a campsite in essex or kent, but it seems as if there are only really big campsites at the coast, or really small ones further into the country. What’s the best thing we can do? Dbf has a brother who “needs” a swimmingpool (or he will be whining all vacation about how bored he is) and dbf and me like to walk, so the scenery has to be nice as well. Am I looking for something that doesn’t excist? I’d really like some opinions.

Whistable in Kent is lovely. I found this on a very quick search http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/details.asp?revid=4882

On a side note I’m here briefly while lying on the floor with ice on my back. I’ve been ordered to stay away from the laptop computer (computers in general) stay off knitting and have complete and utter rest.

I have a girdle type thing I have to wear when not putting ice on my back. I have wrenched a number of muscles in my back and am on complete rest =(


Do you actually want a camp site for tents? Or are you looking for a caravan site or similar?

If you want somewhere with a pool, you may be better served looking at somewhere like http://www.havenholidays.com/main.aspx?affiliateid=19&source=google&keyword=haven which are resorts all over the country that have entertainment/pools ect on site.

There are other companies with sites like this but I can’t think of any right now

There are a lot of camping sites for just tents in that part of the world but I don’t know about finding many with a pool.

Good Luck. :oops:

well, they’ve got a caravan, but are not sure wether they will use it, or rent a caravan home. Thanks for the links, I’ll look at them, but what I quickly saw is that we probably have to take a large campingsite if we want a pool.