OT: question for FeministMama (& others) re marine lette

Hi ! FeministMama I have a question for you.

At my church last Sunday they asked for stuff for Marines they are going to send over to Iraq. They needed items like deodorant & sunscreen
??? hello, why doesn’t the government supply that… (wait that’s not the question)

but they also asked for letters because a lot of marines don’t have a family that writes them. Since I am a writer and I love to write, I sat down and composed a long letter Wed morning. In it I said this but then I got to thinking and thought I don’t want to what’s the word, upset them?
Make them feel stupid. So maybe I should leave it out?

Since it’s yours you are the person to ask:

 Here's the excerpt from my letter:

I do hope you are doing ok over there. I won’t get into any political factors. Except ha, except there’s one person in my online group: I belong to a fantastic knitter’s forum and we check in every day believe it or not, and we show each other pictures of stuff we knit and we are not all old! Anyhow, they have sayings sometimes under their names and this one person, FeministMama in Seattle, hers says:
“War doesn’t determine who is right, It determines who is left.”

I hope that’s ok to send you but god knows you know more about it than me right now.

So what do you think? It’s a great line btw. Vic

I wouldn’t send it. I checked with my fiancé, who’s a veteran of that war, and he thinks it’s a very bad idea, especially to a marine.

I haven’t been to Iraq, but I waited a year and a half for DF to come back from there. While he was there, neither of us watched the news, read the papers, or participated in any political discussion about the war–at all. I would cut people off for saying something like that to me as a soldier’s sweetheart, not because I thought it was bad, but because I couldn’t afford to think of anything remotely resembling death. I couldn’t afford to consider whether the war had political or moral justification. All I could afford to consider was that my lover was there, and he might never come back. He volunteered to serve his country however they wanted him to, and they sent him there, and he could die there, and that’s enough.

“I hope you’re doing okay over there. There are lots of political/moral opinions over here about what’s going on over there, but mostly people are just worried about you and your fellow Marines, and we want you all to come home safe and soon.”

That will go over much better.

I think that regardless of our poitical opinions, we need to tell soldiers that we love them, miss them, and hope they come home safely. They know about the controversry… and the worst thing we could do is to remind them that there are people in the united states who don’t support what they gave chosen to do.

Well said…

I have extremely strong political opinions, as well as having several members of my family that have been, or are in the Canadian military. I would not put anything that indicates my opinions of war, gov’t etc. in a letter to anyone in my family, let alone a stranger. As strong as my opinions are, I also deeply respect anyone that has the courage to stand up for their country, and pray for their safe return when their tour is up. Those feelings are the only ones that I would share.

<shutting up quickly before I stick my foot in it!>

PS. I’d probably fill it up with generic stuff like weather, sports, and interests… getting to know you kind of stuff, and getting them up-to-date on those kinds of things. Once I knew where my soldier was from, then I could do more “home” stuff, which I understand is very important to these guys {and gals too… I say guys for everything!}.

Thanks all of you. Yes, I was pretty certain that it was wrong to include. When you first read that it’s a little funny because of the witty way it’s said but as you pointed out, Ayl… it is about death and you are absolutely right.

Aside from that I wrote lots of funny stuff and did express my wishes and prayers for a safe return. Out it comes… thanks!

You didn’t stick your foot in it at all. I think you did very well expressing yourself.

@Victoise–I think it’s wonderful that you’re writing this letter. Good for you both for writing it, and for double checking when you had doubts about appropriateness. :thumbsup:

Amen to this. Especially to a Marine. :slight_smile: