OT: question about PMing here on KH

Ok so sorry if this is a stupid question but i’ve been using the PM box here a lot more :teehee: and i have questions about the different boxes.
theres the INBOX, the SENTBOX, and the OUTBOX.

the Inbox shows messages we receive I understand that.

(here is where i have some questions)
the Sentbox i thought was suppose to show message we send…but when i send messages they never show up in this box all the time :?? Some times they do sometimes they don’t. Why? Does it only show up in this box after the reciepient “opens” the PM i sent?

and the OUTBOX this is were some of my outgoing PM’s show up. what is this box for is it just to let me know that those messages are “still” being sent or that they haven’t been read by the peson i sent it to?? If i delete them from this box does it delete it from being sent or received by the person i’m sending to??? :wall:


If you send a message, it’ll first go to the outbox. When the recipent opens the pm, the message will go to the sendbox. If you delete a message from the outbox, it’ll prevent the message from getting to the person you sended it to. Hope this makes things clear.


ok thats what i thought but wasn’t sure. Wow people i’ve been PMing either haven’t been getting their PM’s because i would delete them before they read them, or they’re being bombarded<–sp? by tons of PM’s from be because i thought they weren’t sent :teehee:


I PM you too… K BLue~! :roflhard: