OT: Question about hand creams

Anyone know of a hand cream (creme?) that can be used when knitting, or about to knit? The ones I have for general purpose all make the yarn feel funny in my hands.


Yu-Be. It’s Japanese. It’s a medicated hand cream and has a slight smell, but it goes away really fast. You can knit right away as well. It soaks right in so you don’t have to wait for it to dry. It doesn’t make your hands sweat when you’re holding the yarn. I also use it on my lips instead of regular lip balm.


I like Udder Cream. It absorbs really fast without a greasy feel. I would feel comfortable knitting having applied it…


I use “Gloves In A Bottle”. It absorbs quickly and no greasy feeling. I was my hands a lot. This keeps me from getting the sandpaper feeling. I have found it in a LYS, Drugstore.com and a couple of pharmacies.

I use Vaseline’s Hand and Nails lotion. My hands are dry and my nails are hopelessly dehydrated. I don’t know if it is just my dry hands and nails sucking in the moisturizing properties or what, but I don’t have that slimy, sticky feeling that I have gotten from other hand creams/lotions.

I recently spoke with a college friend who went into dermatology and she said that if you soak your hands for a few minutes in warm water, then lightly dry them and quickly apply the lotion that it works even better. At first I was skeptical because my cuticles were nearly impossible to keep smooth, but she explained it was the dead tissue sloughing off and now the new skin/nail growing in is very smooth and less dry (especially the finger nails). You may also want to try Lanolin. I think you can get it in just about any drug store.

Most things with Lanolin in it tend to be greasy though…on the other hand, if you knit with a yarn that hasn’t been too processed…your hands come out nice and soft when you are done your project!

AngelaR - gummi bears (or really anything with gelatin) strengthens nails, I know that isn’t really what you were saying, but I thought I would mention it!! smiles

I can’t stand greasy lotions/creams even when I’m not knitting! My two [U]very favorites[/U] that soak right in and leave your hands soft are -

Hempz- Pure herbal extracts - I got my original sm bottle to try at Planet Beauty, but nice to know you can get it at Amazon, too.

Skin So Soft -soft and sensual replenishing hand cream- My daughter got me a small tube for some holiday. It appears you can get it on Amazon or I’m sure your Avon Lady. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try them all sooner or later.