OT- presmocked dresses

Since I never actually posted my girls in their dresses, here they are! :slight_smile:

:heart: they look so pretty! i love your little ones blue gloves! so lady-like! my dd is just turning one on the 14th, but i really want to make someof those dresses! ( i have two nieces, maybe ishould make a trio of dresse :teehee: )i noticed at walmart that they had that sort of fabric in shorter little girl length, as well as the longer length…hmmmm time for a trip :happydance:

Yup, Joann had the shorter length, too, that’s what I got. :slight_smile: Thanks! The gloves were in their easter baskets… I found them in the dollar spot at Target. :slight_smile:

Very cute. I hope Easter was warm for you. It was too rainy and chilly here for sun dresses.

At this rate we will have to start a sun dress blog.

Very very cute! :cheering:
I finished one dress for my daughter, and still need to make the other one, which I will do this week. I plan to post pics when I have them both finished, along with a knitting wip.

Nope, the girls had sweaters and coats on top of their dresses! :stuck_out_tongue:

:cheering: so cute!!

I bought some before my mom came up and she showed me how to sew them together :teehee: I bought some more today and think I can handle it now… I’m also gonna make a purse out of it too…

My lil girl is so excited about her dresses that were made over this weekend… gotta enjoy it now cause one day I prolly won’t be as cool to her :rofl:

Oh, matching purses, what a great idea! :slight_smile: I was going to make a couple of matching barbie dresses with the skinny scraps of the pre-smocked part… we’ll see if that ever actually happens, though.