OT: Pregnancy ques? UPDATE

How many of you knew you were pregnant before you took a test and before you missed a period ? All last week I thought for sure I was getting one of the many bugs going around. I’ve been falling asleep sitting up, yet having trouble sleeping through the night, no food other than salty chips and Ritz sounded good (normally wouldn’t eat chips), and in general just felt ick. Last night the hubby said my chest was looking bigger did I get a new bra…no, but they really hurt. It was like a lightbulb went on and I kinda think I could be pregnant, called the nurse and she said it sounds like I am, but awful early to know and have to wait a week to take a test…
Am I nuts or could this be real ?

HEHE turns out I didn’t pick up on symptoms quite as quick as a thought…baby due in June !!!:woohoo:

How long since your last period? Usually a drugstore test can be taken about a week or so after you miss a period, so it might be too soon to tell.

I was pretty sure with my 2nd baby that I was pregnant, but it was after I’d missed a period, just barely. I think you probably are, but either take a test, or make an appointment. Waiting a week to find out won’t matter, you’ll still have to wait 8 months or so for the baby…

with 2 of my four, I “knew” a few hours after conception - :wink: if you know what I mean! I felt the ovum implant!

MoniDew - from all the reading I’ve done I think all the cramps and ucky feeling may have been implanting…who knows. I’ve never thought I was that “body aware.” It justs feels like it happened to quick (2 months off BC) to be real…
As for an appt, MD won’t see me until after a missed period and positive home test.

one of the issues MD’s hesitate to address is that some are more “body-aware” than others! and those folks KNOW IT!

I am one who is acutely aware! But, I also acknowledge that not everyone else is! After so many years of practicing in natural health, I learned that if my client says they feel a certain way - LISTEN!!! They know their own body far better than I do!

Just my take on it anyway!

As for the doc not seeing you for a little while yet - that’s the standard MO. They don’t want to tell you, “you are,” only to have you lose the baby in an extremely heavy menstrual cycle that comes nine days late. (A very typical way the body eliminates a less-than-perfect zygote.) They don’t want you to be crushed if it’s a false-alarm. So, they put it off until it “sticks.”

Don’t worry darlin’ - whether you are, or whether you aren’t - LOVE YOUR BODY NOW! Prepare your body now! Take care of your body now. You’re about to become a momma! Either this month, next, or whenever it happens!

Congratulations in advance!

not to scare you, but the body can hyper-ovulate after coming of birth control pills…

in my case, i concieved twins within a month of being off of them.

sounds like you’re pregnant. the first response tests an supposedly detect whether or not you are a few days before you miss your monthly. but if you’re already having syptoms, i’d pick up a dollar store or walmart one and test… then if the symptoms persist but the test was negative, then test again in a week.

Good Luck!

I was pretty sure I was and had symptoms similar to yours. If there is any chance you are take care of yourself and don’t drink, etc. :hug:

I can’t help on the big question, but I can tell you that one of my sisters conceived the first month after she went of BC. She and her DH were both VERY surprised.

There is a home pregnancy test that you can do 5 days BEFROE your missed period, I can’t remember which one it is. Technology has certainly improved, back in “my day” (my son is 31) you had to wait two to three weeks for a home test to be positive and I don’t think the Dr. would do a test it was a month.,

With my first child, my daughter, I just knew about a week before my period. Since that was my first pregnancy, there were other signs I didn’t realize were pregnancy signs until after I knew I was pregnant…Like craving fried egg sandwiches drenched with ketchup :ick: LOL!

Also, the boob pain! It was so bad I couldn’t even lie on my stomach! That was what really triggered the thought I was pregnant. I sometimes get the boob pain around period time but it was never to that extent! However, I held off (and didn’t tell my husband either…lol…I didn’t want him getting excited if it was a false alarm…which was also atypical of me because there were a couple other times in the past I thought I could have been pregnant but I told hubby right away those times).

I ended up taking the test after about 3 days of my missed period. It was odd because the couple other times I got tests right away but when I was actually pregnant, I kept holding off…I remember deciding to finally buy the test on the 3rd day of my missed period because hubby and I were going out to dinner that night and I wanted to know, for sure, if I was pregnant because if I was, I wasn’t going to drink. And, well, I was indeed pregnant!

With my son, I also had the weird cravings and for some ridiculous reason, still didn’t really realize…Once again, I craved fried egg sandwiches but it just didn’t occur to me I was pregnant! I remember one night, later in the evening, wanting nothing more than a fried egg sandwich! I ended up making one, doused it in ketchup, took one bite and just about threw up…lol…And it STILL didn’t hit me that I was pregnant! I don’t recall the boob pain with him, but, the night before my period was supposed to start I knew I was pregnant when my daughter and I were at my mom and dad’s house one night. We had Taco bell for dinner and my daughter was sitting in her high chair…She was eating some nachos and cinnamon twists…Well, she decided to dip her cinnamon twist in the nacho cheese…I went to clean up the mess and one whiff of the cinnamon twist/nacho cheese combination just about made me hurl! I knew, right then and there, I was pregnant…I told myself if I didn’t start by the morning, I’d take the test…Woke up, nothing…I took the test and yep, pregnant once again.

Sorry, I kinda went on and on there…lol…But basically I pretty much knew before my period both times (not much before but before…lol)…You can get tests that will tell you I think something like up to a week before you’re supposed to start.

Oh… I knew before I missed my period. Basically, I ate like a HORSE! I took the home pregnancy tests days before I was due for my period and got the positive confirmation both times, and my kids are now 21 and 18!

With my first, I knew the moment of conception. Weird, I know, but I knew and it turned out I was right. With the rest, my first symptom was vomiting. I vomited before I missed a period or had any other symptom, and I vomited for a full 8 months after. I’m sooooooooo glad that part of my life is over! LOL

You ladies have some great stories ! I haven’t puked and I will do almost anything to avoid puking - seriously.
Anyway, I think I’m scared to take a test b/c I don’t want it to be negative.
Of course if I’m not someone has a lot of explaining to do about how crappy I feel.
The worst part is that I don’t even feel like knitting !!! : o

Take care, vaknitter!

I didn’t know until a bit into the pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I felt bad around the time of my period several months later but I kept spotting brown blood. I thought it was a light period for a day or two then I thought I was miscarrying again.

I called the doc office in a panicky crying kind of way and they did a very early ultrasound and there was this tiny beating heart…:heart: :woot:

And she just turned 4 on Tuesday!

Good luck.:hug:

I didn’t know, but I felt like I had stretched muscles. I stopped drinking coffee, and i am a coffeeholic. And all I wanted was healthy food. I did get periods that made my boobs change sizes so I didn’t pay that much attention. A week later I found out I was and began puking for the rest of the preggo. I did have twins though (though I didn’t find out until 20 weeks). I am guessing that you might already know, So good luck!

stressing about it can cause you to be late too. Sometimes we want something so badly that our bodies go and mimick the changes so we can fool ourselves.

take the test, i hope you get the result you want :slight_smile:

You should check out his new book. It is all about having a healthy pregnancy. I saw him yesterday on Good Morningt.

:aww: With my son (first) I was constantly having to go empty my bladder but never felt empty…I went soo many times one day at work a friend pulled me to the side and said umm are you pregnant? I was like what no way…but she was right :teehee:

With my daughter I just had a feeling…and then was very sick in the mornings…

I just knew the minute of conception. When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew I was having a girl. The same thing with my son.

Good Luck!!