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I was talking to a friend of mine about knitting, and she told me she is not the kind of person who would knit, she fills her time with going out to the bar, and she ended her argument with “heck, I even smoke Cigarettes”. Made me wonder how many of us are her idea of a “knitting type”

Funny you should post this today- it’s basically the topic of the yarn harlot’s blog today. :slight_smile:

Grew up with lots of smokers but never smoked myself.:knitting:


I do smoke, have for 18 years…I also occasionally get together with friends (or a friend) and go to a bar…Hmm, maybe next time I should take my knitting and see what kind of looks I get…haha

It amuses me, the general stereotype of knitters.

I guess it’s different varities of displacment activities - different people keep their bodies in motion in different ways.

I don’t smoke, never have, never would. A good many people in my family smoke or have smoked, and growing up and seeing the toll it takes and what it does to you, I just never had the desire. Also, I’m a singer and I didn’t want to screw up my voice. That said, I have a friend who smokes, and drinks, and goes to bars. And takes her knitting. It’s so funny to see her sitting on a bar stool with a beer knitting a scarf, and the looks she gets. :teehee:

I’m a smoker, have been for a long time. I quit cold turkey in January of 05, and started back up again in April of 06.
I was a voice major in college, and worked as a music teacher for 7 years; it never had an adverse affect on my voice, and I can still hold that high C for 28 seconds!
I’ll quit (again) when I’m ready… it is on my 101 list!

Nope, not a smoker. Not sure I fit the stereotype of a knitter though. I love sports, I’ve been known to hang out in a bar to play pool or watch “the game.” Many of my friends are shocked to see me pull out a knitting project every so often.

I smoked 4-5 cigarettes in my entire life, so I can’t really call myself a smoker. :teehee: Do I fit the knitter stereotype? I’m not really sure what it means… I think we are representative of society, don’t you think? :shrug:

Still, it’s funny to have such stereotypes about knitters! A knitter wouldn’t break any contract by going to a bar or have a cigarette once in a while… :teehee:

Used to. I’ll never be completely rid of it, but I have quit cold turkey for at least a few years in order to increase my chances of getting pregnant and having a successfull pregnancy.

Don’t smoke, most likely due to having grown up in a house where the parents smoked like chimneys and hating the smell. It’s funny that people think knitters don’t smoke though, I know many that do… I probably do fit some of the stereotypes of a knitter but I think for the most part, I don’t.

I don’t smoke and never have. My parents both smoked, but neither I nor my 3 siblings ever smoked. My dad now has asthma and COPD from it so he no longer smokes, but it’s taken it’s toll.

This is an interesting topic. Something I’ve been wondering about is what part of the country most knitting smokers live. The reason I wonder is that I know very few smokers now in my area. I wonder if it’s more prevalent in other parts of the country. Guess that’s a poll for another day. :wink:

Oh re: damaging your voice… it DOES. You don’t notice it among young people, but virtually everyone I know who smokes and is over 50 has a changed voice. Maybe it’s not something you notice if you are a smoker? :shrug:

I read it every day and I don’t see anything about smoking. Did I miss something?

I gave up in December after smoking for 18 years! :happydance: I have found it tough though and really crave one now and again. :aww:

I find it’s easier knitting now I’ve given up because when I used to smoke I was obsessed with washing my hands thoroughly so the smell didn’t taint my latest project.

Interesting topic though and I for one don’t think you can sterotype any group.


I wouldn’t call myself a “smoker”, but I do smoke when I’m out at a bar drinking with friends. Or if I get REALLY stressed (which thankfully isn’t too often!). I don’t like the smell either, and I know it’s a disgusting habit. But it’s pretty much a bar/drinking type habit only.

According to non-knitters, I don’t fit the knitting stereotype. Each time I knit either in front of family, friends, or in public, people make some sort of comment about me being too young to knit. Who cares? I just do what I like to do!

No, never have smoked, but grew up with smokers. I have asthma so I really appreciate being able to breathe. Unfortunately, I’ve known people who died from lung cancer. Not the way I’d want to go.

Not sure how long I smoked although I was never a heavy smoker-don’t think I ever even bought myself a carton of cigs! At the time I quit, I smoked even less, maybe 1 pack every 2-3 weeks so when I found out I was preggers, it was every easy. Every now and then, I think I would like to have one in a bar with a nice cold beer but then what would I do with my 3 kids!:teehee: (don’t know anyone here for babysitting!)

I smoke, but don’t go to bars. Saw enough of them as a kid. I’ve never been a drinker of anything besides, coffe, tea, juice or cola (without alcohol). If cigarettes were as fattening as alcohol, I probably never would have started, :LOL.

In addition to cigarettes I also smoke a pipe, use nasal snuff, rarely cigars and occasionally chew tobacco.

I bet that really throws a wrench into the stereotype :mrgreen:

when I was 22, and in my first semester of Nursing school, I got walking Pneumonia, my Dr agreed to not hospitalize me on the condition I quit smoking then and there. She gave me Nicotine Gum, and I tweaked her recommendations to use it
I thought it was a good idea to uit since I had been smoking half my life.
it WORKED, I have not had a cig since, I get cravings every once in a while, especially when driving long distance

I laughed when she said she could not learn knitting because she smoked, but when I thought about it, I cannot think of more than 2 or 3 people who knit and smoke (not even at the same time)

thank you all

I also do not fit the sterio-type
I M the mother of multiple daughters getting up in years
but I M a very vocal/political lesbian/dyke
I work at a summer camp for kids
I live in jeans and t-shirts (and the occasional sweater and/or socks)