OT - Podcasts while knitting

I have a 2GB ipod - I listen to primarily podcasts, with a little music. I listen to radio mysterys from the 40’s and 50’s, NPR wait wait, sunday puzzle, food, and driveway moments; two trivia quizes; a couple of science podcasts; and a japanese podcast (I’m trying to remember the japanese I learned 20 years ago) Now I will add the knitting ones recomended here.
I love my ipod! I wear it on my pants pocket all day long! :happydance:

Okay, my first post here and I’m showing my age too! I have a Sony Neet MD player. Can I download podcasts from ITunes or do I need to buy an iPod? Thanks for any help.

You can download podcasts from iTunes without having an ipod. My husband doesn’t have an ipod, so occasionally I burn a CD with podcasts that I think he would like, so he can listen in his car.
Hope this helps.

What Japanese podcast do you listen to? My mom studies Japanese and has recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. I’m not sure she’s found any Japaneses ones yet.

I tried a few japanese podcasts, but the best by far is japanese101pod.com. On their website they have other stuff, like transcripts of the podcast, kanji practice and word flashcards. The main guy is a little hyper, but they use native speakers, which is important.

I use a Creative brand MP3 player, since most of these download as MP3 format, it works well :slight_smile:

Just a correction, you can watch Letsknit2gether at the website letsknit2gether.com. No Video Ipod is required

I listen to the Knit Picks podcast, and no iPod is required. You can listen through Windows Media player.

A few other knitting podcasts that I listen to frequently (that I don’t think have been mentioned yet but could be wrong) are:

Pointy Sticks
Knitty D and the City
The Knitting Cook

Just wanted to mention that I’ve heard at least two (I think three, but can’t remember the third) GREAT plugs for www.knittinghelp.com in podcasts, just in the last few weeks. On ‘Stash and Burn’ and on ‘Knitters Uncensored’. Pretty cool.

I have had my nano for a few months but didn’t have much need for it since my phone is an MP3 player as well. I decided that this weekend would be a good one for trying out the podcast thing and decided to download some. I listened to them on the road to and from Kansas City while going to stitch n pitch. I downloaded Lime n Violet who i rarely listen to or read up on but have enjoyed knitting with so figured it was a good choice. That one is nice because i know the places they are speaking of or general regional events so the chatter makes sense to me.

I also listened to Stitch Stud who is a little delightful to listen to but I wouldn’t say I got much out of it. He just has a way of speaking that I found to be fun.

I also downloaded a couple of “green” podcasts and that was mostly what i listened to on the trip. Always looking for ways to be more green :slight_smile:

Everyday when I come home from work I sit down and knit for about 30-60mins while I listen to the NPR news podcasts that I download. I listen to the [I]7am News Summary[/I] and [I]NPR Shuffle[/I] everyday. Once a week I listen to [I]Grammer Girl[/I] and once a month [I]NPR Playback[/I]. It’s a great way for me to get out of work mode and get in touch with the outside world (sometimes that is hard to do when you are living on a college campus)

Another new one to add to the list, by our very own KEMP!! :woohoo: Her podcast is at www.divaknitting.com/podcast I find her to be very natural and easy to listen to. Way to go, Cheryl!!!

I looooove listening to podcasts while knitting.

The knit-related ones are the knitpicks podcast, let’s knit 2gether, socks in the city, and knitscience.

Non-knitting podcasts I love:
The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe- a weekly news podcast with interviews, reviews of that week’s headlines (especially claims of the paranormal or supernatural) from a skeptical point of view, and a fun game called Science Or Fiction. =]

The Way of Reason- An Infidel Guy Production

The Bible Geek with Dr. Bob Price (member of the Jesus Project and a proponent of the mythical Jesus hypothesis, he’s an ex-fundamentalist who went through the ranks of theological seminary. While no longer supporting the bible’s theological claims, he enjoys studying and discussing the bible for its literary rather than supernatural elements)

NPR’s Science Friday

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Video and Audio Podcasts- updates from the Mars Rovers and Casini

The Savage Lovecast- Dan Savage writes a sex advice column in papers in the US, and he recently started doing podcasts. He’s awesome!

Point of Inquiry- a podcast for the Center for Inquiry formerly the Center for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (or SCICOP)

Hi, I see that there hasn’t been any activity on this thread for a while – but I just got a 3rd gen Nano so decided to jump in!! ;-D I’m currently subscribed to Discovery Channel, National Geographic, as well as some of the knitting and Harry Potter podcasts mentioned here. But I wonder – are there any plans to maybe make the KnittingHelp videos into video podcasts?? It would be great to have some of these gems available whenever I’m stuck and can’t get to a computer!!! Would it difficult to do???:hug:

I have a 1g sandisk and it is cheap and wonderful; don’t just go with ipod research first.

Astronomycast (my favorite!!!)
This American Life
Classic Tales podcast (short stories)
selected shorts (short stories)

All available on iTunes

I have yet to download knitting podcasts.

I :heart: my iPod!!


My husband belong to the AV Forums where a lot of people trade and sell their unwanted av gear etc. You do see for sale second hand Ipods on there often at a fraction of the price of what it would cost in the shop. The items are usually well taken care of as most of the members are av nuts. My husband have set up a complete home cinema system at a fraction of the cost that it would have cost us otherwise. Look at the persons trader rating and how long they have been a member. We never have any problems. You do have to become a member to buy. Its free.

i like to listen to the Knit Picks Podcast. Kelley Petkun is informal, but at the same time, sounding prepared. she is also the owner of KnitPicks! yay!

itsjustmeghan started a podcast that involves knitting, some crochet, some spinning…it’s awesome. I like it because it’s like listening to your best friend on the phone…she’s very personable, has great ideas, has people cooking and cleaning…check it out!

Stitch-It! Podcast www.stitchitpodcast.com

She is also on Ravelry and started a group there. Enjoy!