OT - Podcasts while knitting

Just wondering how many of you listen to Podcasts whilst knitting? And where do you get them from?

I’ve just been told by DH that the time has come for me to get an Ipod, only a shuffle as pennies are tight, but I’m doing a lot of pre-work for my MSc that starts in September and I need to avoid distraction.

I got through my college and university courses with a giant walkman, (Tapes in college, CD’s in Uni, now and Ipod for my Masters Degree - thats progression for ya!) and I’m getting the Ipod for music, stories and course related podcasts.

I’d be really grateful for info on where to get podcasts in all different genres, and also to hear about why you guys use podcasts and what type of things you listen to.

I love listening to podcasts while knitting, it helps pass the time. I have an iPod and get my podcasts on Itunes. I subscribe to a few so that they are downloaded automatically when they come out. Podcasts I listen to regularly are:

PotterCast (Harry Potter podcast)
MuggleCast (another HP podcast)
deos shadow (Pagan podcast)
Lime and Violet (just started listening to this one, a knitting podcast, really good!)

I’ve also got a couple meditation podcasts downloaded to help me concentrate while meditating. I’ve also in the past downloaded LetsKnit2gether which is a video podcast about knitting, also neat, but can’t watch it unless you have a video iPod.

Itunes has a ton of different podcasts to choose from, you just go to “Podcasts” in the Itunes store and then you can browse in whatever topic you are interested in.

I can’t concentrate on podcasts, but just so you know, the Shuffle has no screen. You load up your songs/podcasts on it, and it plays them at random. You can skip around with the back/forward buttons, but you can’t pick which one you want to listen to.

If you can swing the Nano, I’d go for that. They also sell refurbished ones for less money in the US, not sure about the UK.

I think this is great for firing up the brain cells while knitting or doing other acitvites (like exercise).

My knitting favorites:

Cast-On - insightful, fun, and includes unique musical selections, guests, field trips
Unwound - no frills here, but an excellent podcaster, and she includes a listener poll and prizes
Lime & Violet - much more irreverent, but funny too! They understand the knit addiction

My non-knitting favorite:
This American Life - a weekly public radio progam with such varied topics that it can’t be generally classified.

These episodes are pretty easy to download from any of the sites.

That’s my 4 cents worth :teehee:

I actually download some university classes. Berkley has a bunch up that you can access through itunes. Right now I’m listening to a bunch on the history of europe after the renaissance. Really good and whats better I don’t have to take a test afterward.

The Smithsonian also has a great series on the history of folk music.
If you like classical music, you can get free concerts through WGBH and the Elizabeth Stewart Gardiner Museum. Both are accessible through Itunes and both are of very good quality.

Ooh, my friend did the Berkely thing. Do they do a vidcast? I could do that, but if I can’t see the lecturer/reader/podcaster I wind up tuning it out. :oops:

[size=2]It’s Isabella.[/size] I’m mad at myself that I never went to the Gardner museum when I was in Boston. I’m pretty sure it was free for students. :doh:

I looooooooove podcasts. I like so many that I can’t listen to all of them anymore!
For knitting, I listen to Lime and Violet, Cast On, Stash and Burn, It’s a Purl, Man and have begun to listen to Ready, Set, Knit.

Non-Knitting ones I like are at hayhouseradio.com and achieveradio.com, but these are in the spiritual genre.

I love listening to podcasts when I knit. I am subscribed to about 8 knitting ones. I am having a Lime and Violet withdrawal. They need to post a new podcast.

Ooh, my friend did the Berkely thing. Do they do a vidcast? I could do that, but if I can’t see the lecturer/reader/podcaster I wind up tuning it out. :oops:

[size=2]It’s Isabella.[/size] I’m mad at myself that I never went to the Gardner museum when I was in Boston. I’m pretty sure it was free for students. :doh:[/quote]
If you go right to the Berkley site you can see the lecture.

Showing my age here… what exactly are podcasts? Can you listen to them w/o an ipod?

Yes, Itunes is free to download and you can listen to them from your computer.

Podcasts are kind of like a subscription to an audio magazine. You can subscribe and they are sent to your computer as they come out. They vary in subject matter and can include anything from astrophysics to knitting. Just go to the Itunes store

Okay, thank you! I’ll check it out.

There are some knitting podcasts that I really enjoy…most have already been mentioned:

It’s a Purl Man
Sticks and String (by an Australian guy with a very nice voice!)
Stash and Burn
And my favorite is Unwound. I’m not fond of most of the music played by podcasters, and Unwound is pure knitting content!

I have a Shuffle (one of the old ones), and while it’s true that it doesn’t have a screen, you don’t have to play songs in a random order. There is a switch on that back of mine that allows you to play the songs in playlist order (or audiobook in the proper sequence). It will also ignore audiobooks (if they’re in the right format) when doing random play, so you won’t suddenly get chapter 3 of your book in the middle of your song.

I’m a fan of It’s a Purl Man. His voice is very easy to listen to.

I have some questions about podcasts. When I listen to It’s a Purl Man I go to his website and listen from there. How do I get his podcast as well as others sent to me?
Do I need special software? Are they just e-mailed to me?


It’s true it has no screen, but you CAN pick certain songs/podcasts to put on it and put them on in order. You make a playlist and tell it to fill from that list, not randomly. That’s what I did when I first got mine. Then I made a playlist of things I might want on there and told it to fill randomly from just that list.

You need to subscribe to his RSS feed…I would use iTunes for that.

I stand corrected on the Shuffle! :slight_smile:

:heart: This is my new favorite too! My listener comment actually made it into episode 9 :teehee:

I listen to animation podcasts from time to time.

I was just about to ask this… :teehee:

I was browsing, and with the posts here, I did subscribe to Lime and Violet…and Ill check out all theirs this week.

Do you have any other recommendations for newbies like me?

Just started listening to Stash & Burn with Nicole and Jenny from San Fran. I love it - they sound like my kind of girls, moreso than Lime & Violet (who I do also enjoy from time to time), so at the moment, Stash & Burn is my favorite.