OT - Please send some sun!

For all of you who are enjoying warm, sunny weather, PLEASE send some to Maine. There have only been 3 days this whole month when it hasn’t rained. The forecast shows rain at least through next Monday. Temps haven’t gotten over 60 deg. all month. It’s beginning to really depress me. Please send some sunshiney happiness my way!! :crying:

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

I feel your pain. We’re just now getting some sunlight after a bout of gloom. I’m afraid that if I send you some sun, we’ll lose the little that we’ve gotten thus far. But … I think I’ll take a chance :mrgreen:

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

i’m headed to (southern) maine for memorial day this weekend myself - the 10 day outlook looks none too good!!

Hey y’all changed places with the Pacific NW. We’ve had like a month of sunny days. We usually just get downpours. It’s almost 90 today

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

I hear you! Today was the first day where I was able to sit outside with DD. I was going stir-crazy – walking the mall with a 2-month old baby gets old real fast.

Here’s lots of sunny vibes for you :smiley: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

~Sharon, who got to sit in the sun for a whole hour today here in MD.

Oh man, and I thought it was bad here in Massachusetts. But it’s only been 5 straight days of clouds. A whole MONTH for you? You poor thing!! I couldn’t bear it!

I bought all of my garden starters a week ago, but haven’t put them in, because I’ve been waiting for a pleasant gardening day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :smiley:

This is the second day in a row that we’ve had sun!!! It was about 70 yesterday and 75+ today!!! Yay! Too bad I have to work :frowning:

Gee, I’d send you some sun. But it’s so rainy here that I’m growing webbed feet. :wink: