OT-Please join me in a happy dance!

The first Starbucks in our town in opening on Monday. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: We don’t have a coffeeshop of any kind right now. This Starbucks is going to be in the grocery store but it has table and chairs. It’s a start anyway. I’m going in on Monday for a Light Mocha Frappacino :inlove: .

Ohhhhhh!!! We have 3 or 4 around here, but they’re all about 20 minutes away from me so I don’t get there as often as I’d like. My fav. is that mint mocha latte thingy (that’s how I order it) with whipped cream. YUM!

Hard to believe there is anywhere without one, isn’t there? They were all over Cincinnati for a long time though before we finally got one on “my side” of town.

I used to work there as my second job. LOVE it. Great employer. They are very good to their employees. Free pound of coffee a week, plus 30% discount on everything!

My favorite thing in the whole world is the Pumpkin spice latte at thanksgiving/christmas time!

Oh, Pumpkins Spice Latte. Sooooo good. I forgot about those. Mmmm, now I have a craving.

In the summer though I love the Green Tea Frappuccino’s.

Off to Starbucks I go!

Hey Lindsey H, are you in Western Canada, by any chance??? I’m in Thunder Bay and all of our Safeway grocery stores here are putting in Starbucks. Yay!

I live south of Atlanta and it seemed like everywhere had a Starbucks but us…we had one in the SuperTarget but not a free standing one…a few months back we finally got one and it’s doing REALLY well…I love a Grande Decaf Soy No-Foam Latte!! I haven’t had one in over two weeks though…since I found out I’m pregnant I’m trying to cut out frivolous food items…I gained a ton of weight w/ my dd and I’m cutting calories everywhere I can (but still eating enough and eating healthy though…)…I have to admit…you’ve made me want one though…maybe tonight after dh has finished dinner I can talk him into a treat…

I have a few Starbucks I can go to. None of them are in my town but only about 20 minutes away. You’ll LOVE it!! :happydance: :happydance:

Wow. We have so many it’s gotten to be ridiculous! That being said I got together with some socal knitters today and I had a Light Mocha Frappucino and it was YUM!!! Only 3 ww points, too!

Well, I’m generally not a huge fan of big chains, but quite frankly, I :heart: Starbucks!!

Enjoy your Frappacino!

We have em all over London =D I can’t go there anymore though, on this diet no caffiene at all :crying:

I live in Smithfield, VA. There are Starbucks in every surrounding city. I usually like to spend my money in privately owned businesses but Starbucks is just soooo good. There was a little coffeeshop for open for a short while but I think the owner was trying to do too many things. He closed at 6 pm :rollseyes: every night. Starbucks is going into a lot of grocery stores in the area so I was hoping we would get one soon.

That is my favorite too! The only time I go there!!! Oh wait, I also love the Peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas time!!!

Congratulations! I recently stopped drinking coffee and must say I don’t miss it. But I appreciate Starbucks because they turned me on to Soy Milk. I drank milk all my life and developed an allergy to the growth hormones they inject in the cows and was so happy to discover I could drink Soy instead.

I’ve found that their coffee is not the best tasting but with a lot of Soy who cares!

After reading these posts I feel you folks are going to change this tea drinker to coffee…


noooo I’m on the tea now =P converted from coffee in January!