OT: Please Help Me Out

I just entered a contest to win a year’s worth of lip gloss from Soap & Glory…I LOVE Soap & Glory products and their Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss is just awesome…The person with the most votes wins and so far the person in the lead has 112 votes…I need to beat 112 votes! I’m trying to get 200 votes within the next day or so…Please help me win this awesome lip gloss!

You can vote HERE

Thank you!!!

Done. Good Luck!Crossed Fingers

Got it. Done. Good luck!

Done and Done!

me too! hope you like my comment!

I did it…Good luck to you!!

for those who get the same page as I did…I had to go find her…
Her name is Sara

LOL! Yes, I am Sara and I have the big 'ol dangly nose ring…haha

And done :o)

Done! Hope you win! :cheering:

I voted – Good Luck!

Can we vote daily??

Done :slight_smile:

Done! Good Luck. Keep us posted.

Done. Love the lashes too, btw.

Done :yay:

Did it!

Done. Cute picture. :thumbsup:

Done! Let us know when you win!! :thumbsup:

Thank you!! I think you can vote only once :frowning: lol…One of my friends tried voting again and it told him he had already voted.

Thank you all!!! I still need more votes, the girl in the lead now has 164 and I’m showing 34…I think it takes about a day for the votes to be updated but I’m showing 34 so far…Thank you all again!! :hug::hug:

I just tried to vote again. It didn’t say it counted, but it didn’t say I had already voted. It showed 41 votes. If you vote from a different computer or your Smart phone it should count. I’ll vote again when I get home.