OT: Pictures

Okay I know this is kinda a tech questions rather then knitting but oh well.

How is it that people put picutres into posts so it shows up with the little camera on the index. I can get a pciture in there but it doesnt give anyone the little “warning” in case they dont feel like waiting around to load pictures.

Thanks in advance.

There are two ways to show pictures. If you upload it directly from your computer using the “Add an Attachment” feature below, then it adds the little green camera icon to the title of the post.

If you insert a picture by using an image hosting elsewhere (Photobucket, yahoo, Flickr etc.) and the IMG code that looks like

then a camera won’t show up in the title of the post, so you really have no warning if a post has a photo ahead of time or not.


I didnt even try that. I go to a number of differnt forums that use this same software and nono of them allow that method so I didnt even think to try it. Duh :slight_smile:

Hi there …

Also take care that you own the photo should you choose to embed (aka linked-in) the image with the " " command. If you don’t own the photo, I think it constitutes bandwidth theft or something …

Check this old post for more info … :thumbsup:

Thanks. I did know about that and these are all taken with my own camera so I won’t be pissed if it shows up here :slight_smile:

Have fun!!