Ot: phaaaaaat cat

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Poor kitty. :pout: He/she must have some sort of a health issue to eat like that.


:noway: Holy Crap!! Thats a big cat!

That poor kitty :pout:

I wonder how he/she can eat 6 pounds of pork and chicken a day though. :??

And I thought my cat was fat! Holy crap!

yeah…uncaring owners. That poor kittys feet, back and joints must ache sooo bad. If the cat eats 6 lbs of food a day, its only because the owners provide it. Lord help any children they may have. Hide the WIC cards.

Poor little kitty…well, not little!!
Moshi, our BIG white cat weighs 15-17 lbs (flucuates)…he is HUGE, I just can’t imagine a cat getting that big, that’s ridiculous!

That kitty was on the news a couple of months ago !!! Isn’t he cute !!! I would love to snuggle up with that big meow meow !!!

I am sorry but that is just wrong. :gah:

A 31 inch waist is only attractive if you’re a 5’10" dreamboat in a chunky Aran sweater…

Interesting. I am in the media business and I can’t help noticing that the photo is a fat cat and the lower-3rd (subtitle) reads “U.N. representative [blah blah] encouraged Iran to give up nuclear plan in order to smooth its relationship with the Unites States.”

That cat’s waist is bigger than mine! :shock:

Poor kitty, that isn’t good for him to weigh that much! :frowning:

that poor thing… that much weight just seems so painful.

Have you guys seen this cat !!! He’s pretty big too !

that poor kitty! A chubby cat can be cute, but this is abuse!

Um… my first thought is that you could do that in Photoshop. I always wonder if stuff like that is real. :?eyebrow: IF it is then that guy is not doing that cat any favors, just like if you overfeed your children. :wall: