OT - Pet Stains - Which Cleaner?

I swear you need to try the oxy-gen stuff…I don’t know if I agree about the spotbot…I have one and I don’t think it works all that wonderfully but that’s probably b/c I have a full size carpet shampooer and nothing “little” works as well. The oxy-gen stuff usually comes as a sample w/ the spotbotd–that’s where I got mine but you can purchase it separately at the drug store, grocery store or walmart.

For wet stains–like if you catch your animal in the act, you can dump salt on it (I mean like a small mountain of salt) and it’ll soak it all up–color and all. Then you just vacuum up the salt. My aunt taught me that (she has 13 dogs, a pig and 2 cats!). The other up side to the salt trick is that salt is REALLY cheap comparatively!!


The salt trick is a new one to me. With us training my dd’s newly adopted puppy, I’ll tuck this one away.

BTW, how is your ds sleeping these days?

I love the salt trick–but the key is the urine has to be wet so it’ll soak it up!

sleeping is getting somewhat better–two nights ago he slept for two 3 hour stretches w/ a 45 min. nursing session in between. Last night he slept 2 hours, was up 2 hours, BUT THEN…he slept almost 4 hours!! YAY!! He’s napped a lot today (we were at the mall for a long time and he sleeps well in his comfy stroller w/ lots of background noise) so I’m a little worried about tonight…

I cheated and laid vinyl and laminate flooring!

After you’ve got rid of the stain, if it was toilet related and not an obvious accident, wipe the area over with either lemon juice or white pepper. The smell puts the animals off marking there again.
Works best with cats.

Also, ground them for a week and don’t give them any pocket money or sweeties for at least a month.
That’ll show 'em!


We’ve had a rough 2 weeks lately with our 15-year-old schuanzer following dental surgery and several medications that make her both nauseous and squirty…

Oxyclean is doing the best job in terms of removing all traces of the spots that are visible. Unfortunately, on my nearly white carpet, it also shows just how much the rest of the carpet could use a cleaning. :teehee:

When she finally gets stable and off medication I’m going to have to get the entire carpet cleaned, we have round white “clean” spots all over the place.

My dogs just had dental cleaning too - hence the problems. Luckilly no teeth had to be pulled this time.

I only thing I like to get rid of stains is Folex and unfortunatly I cannot find it here yet. I found out about it by calling a carpet cleaning company and asked them what I can use to get rid of spot stains and this is what they used themselves. I have used it to get rid of new and old stains in my old ugly green carpet and it worked everytime. I may have to have my mom send me one if I cannot find it here.

I have tried other products, Woolite Pet Stain Remover, Scotch Gard Upholstery Cleaner among many others and the stains I used them on are still there. Not so with Folex.

So I vote for Folex.

For me it is all about how old the stains are. Folex and Oxyclean and all of those seem to work on any new stain. It’s the old ones I don’t see for a while (like under the bed), darn small dogs!!

Maybe you need to make a recording of the “mall noise” to play at night.


I usually use Folex and Spot Shot, but old yellow stains are really hard. I HAVE used the Oxyclean and it works pretty well, but seemed to leave a residue… :??

That’s not a solution, it’s a disgusting and cruel practice :!!!: :fingerwag:

I use my Bissel steam cleaner.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

That’s not a solution, it’s a disgusting and cruel practice :!!!: :fingerwag:

I use my Bissel steam cleaner.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx[/quote]

Ummmm, I think he was making a joke…stop and think how long one would have to rub a dog’s nose in a spot until the stain is gone. No human I know could stand to be… a. bent over b. on their hands and knees or c. pushing a dog’s head down…for that amount of time.

Yes, punishing them by rubbing their nose in their mistake is cruel…but this was obviously a lighthearted reply based on that old school punishment.

I thought it was pretty clever, myself.

That’s not a solution, it’s a disgusting and cruel practice :!!!: :fingerwag:

I’m fairly certain he was kidding. :teehee:

Yes the OxyGen is great, and I will again rally for the SpotBot. Yes, you can turn the SpotBot on and walk away (best for a light surface stain) , but the better use for it is using it manually. First use the manual hose to suck up excess urine on the carpet, then saturate with the Oxygen and the Bissel Pet Stain Remover cleaner and keep using the suction hose to get up the cleaner and spot.

A couple of notes, when the dog or cat pees on the carpet, unless the carpet is stain treated, the pee goes all the way down to the ticking in the carpet. When you just clean the surface it looks great for a while, but eventually the stain that is still at the base of the carpet is sucked back up to the top, that is why a stain sometimes “reappears”. That is why you really have to blot heavily or get something like a carpet cleaning machine with a suction hose and nozzle that you can really get to the base of the carpet.

Someone mentioned that their cleaner left a “residue”. Unfortunately almost all the cleaners do. The problem is that the residue, whether you can feel it or not, is now a “magnet” for other dirt. Like if you had a sticky spot on your kitchen floor and people keep walking on it, you get a spot where dirt or whatever is sticking to it. Whenever you spot clean with a cleaner, once you have the stain up, rinse the spot with plain water to get some of the residue up, it really helps. I usually rinse with water and then use the SpotBot on manual to suck up the excess water.

Like a said, I have off white carpet, two greyhounds and a very long haired cat. I am constantly dealing with, LOL, throw-up, hairballs, some blood from cut paws (the greyhounds like to run around outside like nuts), and the occassional pee accident on the carpet. My carpet has no stains, and apparently no smell. I ask good friends sometimes when they come in because I am hugely paranoid about it!