OT - Pet Stains - Which Cleaner?

Any recommendations for a rug cleaner for things like pet throw up?


I tend to use just plain ole’ carpet shampoo but one time I used Oxy-Gen (I think that’s what it’s called–blue bottle–by Bissel maybe…you add it to your carpet shampoo) and I loved it. It’s just a little pricey so we don’t buy it much.

I had some “pet stain” stuff but it didn’t work. I also used Woolite for the carpet and that didn’t work either. :pout:

Not sure about particular brands, but if you still have residue or smell after you clean–baking soda is a wunderkind for all kinds of smells, etc! You can get Arm&Hammer rug deoderizer stuff (with Pet Hair release too!) made just for pet odors and it comes in different scents. Sprinkle on the rug, let it sit, vacuum it up.

You can also just go with straight baking soda. I clean everything with it…my hair, my face, and dog-smelly rugs!

It is leaving a “yellow” stain that I can’t seem to get out. I’ll try the baking soda!

We used to use some stuff called “Nature’s Miracle” I think. It was in a white bottle with a red lid. It smells really fruity and does the job wonders! We had to get it at the pet store (Petco/Petsmart). It’s pretty pricey, but I love the smell of it and how well it works. We had problems with our dog peeing on the same spot because she didn’t like the stuff we were using to clean it until we got this stuff.


If it’s a stain you could try mixing up a paste of baking soda and water to scrub into the rug–but be careful, it could bleach out the color of your rug.

I use “spot shot” for all stains… it’s a miracle worker! It comes in a big blue can with an orange cap.

I have the same problem with one of my pets - I use a mixture of white vinegar and water

Urine Gone is an excellent one for any biological stains. It has enzymes that eat the bad stuff out of the pee, poop or throw up. It does not always get all the yellow out, though. Were you guys saying that white vinegar will take out the yellow?

A little bit of OxyClean or Sun Oxy cleaner water and white vinager.

I use this combo for anything and got up a HUGE pink KoolAid stain out of a white carpet in 10 minutes.

If the stain is really bad, I will usually go over it a couple of times with the white vinegar and water mixture and blot up the excess with paper towels. This method has worked for me so far (and I have two cats and a LARGE dog)

I haven’t been able to go out & buy anything yet - so I just tried the white vinegar & water. I’ll let you guys know once everything is completely dry.

Having had some less than polite kitties in my lifetime, I have found the best way to remove both the stain and odor is by using X-O Plus+. If you totally soak the carpet or cloth, I mean REALLY soak it good, the smell comes right out. I have even added it to my laundry to clean items that have been “marked.” Needless to say, the kitties were sent to live outside and my carpet/clothes/items stayed in the house.


I have 3 cats 1 dog and a 6 month old puppy. I know about pet stains. I used to use Nature’s Miracle, Get Serious, Kids N’ Pets, they got pricey after a while. Now I use just plain ol’ white vinegar and water. To help clean up stains. It’s cheaper but a little bit stinky, but the smell doesn’t last long.

I have a few yellow spots on my light beige carpeting. I asked a friend that lays carpet and he told me just to use straight hot water nothing else.

So I tried it on some old (2 years) yellow stains and you know what no more yellow stains and it’s been a week. Let the spot dry completely before walking on it. I covered mine with a old vinyl tablecloth so that dirt didnt’ soak into the damp spots.

That is just my two cents, on the subject.

I’ve tried everything on the market, trust me. The best thing I have ever used, and if it breaks I’ll run out and buy and new one, is the machine called the “SpotBot”. Use that baby with the Bissel Pet stain remover cleaner and the Bissel Oxy-Gen, and you will have no stain or odor. Works on throw-up and urine stains. And I have off-white carpet!

Just rub his nose in it until the stain is gone.



I’ve used Spray n Wash and it works as well as most of the pet odor removers which smell vile … I have used Nature’s Miracle with mixed results … vinegar and water takes out the smell as well (my mom was a firm believer in vinegar and water for ANYTHING) but I’m not sure about the stain …


That made me laugh. If only that would work.

The vinegar and water took out some of the stain. Not all. I also tried it on a old stain too. The one is on a white shaggy carpet and the other is on a celery green carpet.