OT: Pet Peeves

I live down the road from a town named LaFayette, as in the General. But around here they CANNOT pronouce the name. Most people say La-fete or (and this one is even better) La-Felt. Now where on earth did the extra L come from??? :doh: I don’t get it. :noway:
Oh and the sentence “We go skrait down the skreet to the liberry” and yes that is correct. They don’t say "we go straight down the street to the Library."
Half the time I won’t let them go the the school library until they say it correctly!:??

We have the skreet problem here in Virginia too.
And I think the whole apostrophe problem started with MS word putting them in where they don’t belong, and users not knowing or caring enough to correct it.
As far as your town pronunciation, is it a dialect? I have noticed some of these from time to time in various places I have lived.
In Pennsylvania for instance Juneau is pronounced Ja-new.
And LaJose is Lay Josse.

I guess my pet peeves are ignorance and rudeness. People making personal attacks in a forum designed for discussion of issues. Also the present wildlife management policies of this state.

Oooh, another one- acrost. There is no such word! Type it out and see the little red line under it! You either crossed the street or it’s across the street.

(As to the sidewalk issues: I walk my son home from school and it’s a pretty busy street so I don’t mind the kids riding on the sidewalk or even adults with their kids, but just move to the side and go around the walkers. I think someone needs to spend a day on sidewalk safety for the school kids and parents!)

I don’t know if its so much a dialect thing or a lazy/refusal to be educated thing. Education is NOT a focis in our little community and therefore MANY things are done very oddly at times…

lol, I’ve got one. I currently live with a woman who feeds stray cats, and once they get to be too many for her taste, and begin to multiply at an exponential rate, she asks me to take the ones she doesn’t like to get euthanized. She dug the hole, she can kill her way out of it herself.

Also, religious fundamentalists of any order, that will argue/throw dogma @ me, to no end, but not listen to my opinions on subjects of a related nature(when they are contrary to their own.) I am a staunch supporter of religious freedom, but many of the fundies I’ve spoken to/ grown up around don’t understand their own hypocrisy/ignorance. Especially my Mother. :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

:shock: :shock: :shock: Oh my!! I am appalled at this!

It would be so much better for the cats if she caught them, got them spayed/neutered, and then released them back out.

How sad.

Hi! :waving:

I find that when I’m in a happy frame of mind, things that would normally irritate me to the max just don’t! So many things I could list as pet peeves just lose all power to annoy me on really good days.

On the other hand… in the midst of one of those days when you feel like not just pulling out your own hair but the hair of everyone whose path you cross, it annoys me if someone simply smiles and says “Good morning! Beautiful day, isn’t it?”. What the hell do they know??? Obviously they don’t get the gravity of the planetary situation!!!:gah:

So I’ve found that I fare much better if I just let folks be who they are and let that be OK with me. In the final analysis, my negative reactions do me more damage than anyone else (unless I’m so annoyed I slap them!) so maybe it’s best to just chill out and look for the best in our fellows. :yay:

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :hug:

Don’t give me a zero but ROFLMAO :roflhard: right now! I scared the cat i laughed so loud and hard! I also hate it when my daughter answers a question OUT LOUD with IDK or I say something she thinks is “stupid” and she says (and I quote) "LOL MOM"
Another Pet peeve: socks on the floor (and pants on the ground :roflhard: ) I don’t know why but it bugs the crap out of me when i walk into the living room and EVERYONE’s socks are just sitting there on the floor and no one is even in there.
Also when I go to the grocery store and I am in the express lane, 10 items means 10 separate items [B][COLOR=red]NOT[/COLOR][/B] 10 cans of ravioli and 10 cans of pringles, and 10 bottles of gatoraid!

One of mine is eople who say supposably instead of supposedly. It happens all the time around here and just makes me grind my teeth every time I hear it. Same thing with aks instead of ask.

The carts in the parking lot also drive me nuts. Get off your lazy keester and put them in the corral where they belong.

If you have small children, it’s hard to go all the way across the parking lot just to put the cart away. I’ll put it out of the way, but I’m not going to leave the kids and walk 2 miles to the nearest cart corral. I’ve heard of kids being kidnapped while their parent was putting away a cart so I’m really cautious of leaving them in the car- locked or not. Stores should have an adequate number and location of cart corrals if they have problems with stray carts.

Some old guy tore me a new one once for leaving a cart with a bunch of pre-existing carts in a parking spot once, I just ignored him and went back to my boyfriend’s van. I was actually amazed the old dude had the audacity to speak to me like that…


Mine include: People scraping their teeth on their fork when they’re eating.


Seriously, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up thinking about the sound.


Mine include: People scraping their teeth on their fork when they’re eating.

Seriously, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up thinking about the sound.

I joined a Facebook group “stop scraping your teeth on your fork” :roflhard:

Improper use of reflexive pronouns irritates me. e.g

John invited Shelly and myself to the party.

That irritates me.

I absolutely detest “a whole 'nother,” ([I]e.g. a whole 'nother level[/I]) as if 'nother was an actual word.

I want to yell, “it’s another whole,” people!!!

Although I prefer if people put their baskets where the belong I do understand this and would have done the same when my kids were small.

We shop at Stater Bros a lot and they have so few places to put the carts in the lot it’s ridiculous! If they had a few more it would be a lot easier!

I hate it when people say height like “hy-th”…hard to explain, like there is a TH at the end.

LOL on the tall thing :slight_smile:

Pet peeves: bad drivers, and people who cross the road assuming cars are going to look out for them! Especially bugs me when they cross diagonally, basic High School algebra tells you that takes longer and so the cars must wait longer for you to pass!!! I’m a courteous driver…but I mumble a lot inside the car :wink:

Ladies & Gents, when serving cake at a wedding, shower or whatever, please use the correct serving utensil (that’s laying on the table) instead of your fingers. Thank you. I’m soooo tempted to ask for one without the fingers, but I want to be a gracious guest. One of these times…

On this holiday weekend I’m reminded that we can choose our friends but not our family. In my DH’s family it doesn’t bother the other ladies at all to see their 86 year old 99 lb matriarch working her tail off cleaning the kitchen (sometimes their kitchen) while they sit on their butts & talk, fully aware of what’s going on. Most times I’m the only one helping. When it’s time to return tables & chairs to proper order or take out the trash, the men are right there, but not the ladies. My in-laws are too passive. His mother was demanding & now they’ve gone too far the other direction. In my family we’re practically bumping into each other & the work is done in a flash.

Drivers, please consider that pedestrians also need your turn signals. Especially when walking a child or elderly person (see the old lady with the walker). Sidewalks aren’t always an option.