OT: Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves?

Mine include: People scraping their teeth on their fork when they’re eating.

People with appallingly poor manners.

And one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me I am not tall. I’m female and 5’8.5". I’m above the average height of a woman in practically every country (barring some parts of Africa) on the planet, not to mention taller than the average male in a bunch of countries. I’m taller than my parents, the same height as my boyfriend, taller than my ex-husband. Taller than the majority of my friends including some of my male friends.

I’m confused as to how this cannot be considered tall. :roflhard:

My pet peeve is people who use the word “irregardless” which is not a word at all.

People who write should/could/would OF instead of should/could/would HAVE

These are about the only things that can set my teeth on edge. Everything else is water off a duck’s back.

Except for people who go through the self-checkout lanes in a store and have no idea whatsoever what they are doing.

Not using turn indicators. It’s the law, people, NOT optional!

You’re is short for you are. Your is possessive!

Not owning up to mistakes. Suck it up, admit you’re wrong, and own it. Don’t pass the buck.

While that is truely annoying what makes me want to rip my hair out is people who drive with their four way flashers on… If it is raining don’t put on [B][COLOR=“Red”]your[/COLOR][/B] flashers and drive we all know it’s raining. If you are that fearful for your life either don’t drive or pull over and stop, then you should put [B][COLOR=“Red”]your[/COLOR][/B] flashers on.

When driving and flashing it can be very difficult for trailing motorist’s to determine whether you are stopped or moving, which of course can lead to an accident.

BTW Sands I made sure to use the correct form of your. :roflhard:


I teach high school and though I am NOT a grammer nazi it annoys the c*** out of me when they mess up to/too/two, there/they’re/their, and of course answering a test qeustion w/ IDK. I want it give them a zero right off the bat.

Grammar and misspelling bug me, too. Drives me nuts when someone says “I seen” instead of “I saw”.

Forks on teeth is awful…just thinking about it gives me the chills. :zombie:

Another one is people who stand too close to you to talk… get out of my personal space already!!

I think people thinking they are above rules pisses me off the most.

That includes all of those little things, like turn signals, and not turning your cell phones off at the movies, or butting in lines…just anywhere that people either pay no mind to, or think they are above the rules. Gah that irks me. Like people who jump over roped off areas! Arggh!

On the note of grammer though…it doesn’t bother me, but what did bother me was a friend online telling me that a teacher graded her sons paper quite highly even though the whole thing used leet speak and internet slang…sigh that is sooooo wrong!

I have a unique name. I HATE it when people ask me questions about my name like “What country is that from, Hawaii?! Spain!?!” I think I’ve been asked just about every country on Earth. I decided I’m going to start answering “Vulcan.”

I also loathe it when they say " I have a niece/cousin/friend ad nauseam with that name" I feel like saying “I know about 40 people with your name!” It’s like they are trying to tell me my name isn’t special/unique/different, like I ever said that it was to them.

I wish people would just STOP with the commentary about my name, I’ve heard it all for a gazillion times. Please. stop.

It’s so bad I hate telling people I just met my name, I avoid it until there’s no other choice. My estimation of someone’s intelligence goes way up if they don’t pronounce it wrong or make idiotic statements about it.

Speaking of grammar: What really bothers me is the wrong use of the word I. Is grammar no longer taught as it use to be?


Mrs. Jones gave Sidney an apple.
Mrs. Jones gave me an apple.

Both of these are correct, but when combined most people (now a days) would say, “Mrs. Jones gave Sidney and I an apple”, instead of the correct way, " Mrs. Jones gave Sidney and [B]me [/B]an apple." Or, you could say, " Mrs. Jones gave us an apple".

The “me” always sounds wrong to me. Also “in back of” is correct but sounds all kinds of wrong.

My pet peeve is when is so foggy in the AM that the cars disappear into the fog, the people who drive with out the lights turned on as requred by law. Sometimes the fog gets so thick that I can not even see my house from my crossing(I live less than 100 yds from my crossing) and I see many cars driving with out lights and as they disappear into the fog another car comes up behind them and cannot see them unless the previous car puts on brakes. It can be very dangerous.

Grammar, grammar, grammar! I especially hate it when people put apostrophes where they don’t belong.

Many people get on the interstate ramps and do not accelerate to highway speeds, a dangerous practice. I am usually behind one with a semi bearing down on us in the right lane and am really afraid I will be rear ended that way.

Also, people who go slow in left lanes of the interstates when the signs clearly say, “slower traffic use right lane.” Another good way to cause a traffic accident.

I saw a sign on a STORE today with an apostrophe infraction. “Name” Video’s. ARgh. I hate apostrophe infractions, especially on actual signage.

Another thing that drives me crazy is people who don’t move over when I’m running on sidewalks in my neighbourhood, or even give me space. Walking double etc, even when I yell “ON YOUR LEFT!”

My worst pet peeves are when i scrape my nail against glass that is not smooth, or how lotion can be sooo oily in a gross way.

I have to add my two bits to the grammar and spelling issues. I detest the whole texting word garbage. Why can’t people spell properly? Grammar can be tricky and I’m willing to give a pass on that, but spelling is a “must have” skill, I think.

I also can’t stand seeing people on the phone or, especially, texting while driving. And women who put their make-up on in the car. Touching up lipstick is one thing - you can do that without looking, but eyeliner and mascara? I get an overwhelming urge to ram into the back end of their car when I see the mascara going on. If you have to put your make-up on in the car, get up earlier so you can do it at home.

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that some people become blind to all others around them when they get a shopping cart in their hands. They stop in the middle of the aisle without looking if they are blocking someone. They slow down to a snails pace, which is fine if you aren’t holding up others.

They will not place them in the racks when finished and leave them to roll all over the parking lot.

I have noticed that people have become very careless or they just aren’t concerned about safety of any kind when driving.

They park their car at any angle, but rarely do they park it straight into the parking space.

They don’t care at all if they hit your car door when getting in or out, but God forbid if someone should hit their car.

They have no idea how to proceed at a four way stop, because of this they have trouble figuring who goes first at a two way stop. The rules are different.

If they are so rushed that they have to talk on the cellphone or text while driving, they should leave sooner or just stay home. The roads would be much safer for all others.

I could go on and on.

OMG that is so true! I have noticed one thing lately at one corner, and it drives me absolutely bonkers! Two people (one behind the other) will stop at the same time. The first person will go as they should when it is their turn, BUT so will the person behind, cause they figured they stopped at the same time…:hair:

Actually, it’s usually “Mrs. Jones gave Sidney and [I]myself[/I] an apple.”

Nobody wants to say “me” so they’ve changed it to “myself.” It bugs the snot out of me! I’d rather hear “I” than “myself” used incorrectly!

Okay, here’s a few more to add to these:

Bike-riders on sidewalks. It’s fine if you wish to use the sidewalk, but walkers have the right of way. If you must use the grass (or mud) to get around, it’s NOT my fault. Don’t give me dirty looks because I don’t push my stroller in the mud when I have the right of way on the sidewalk! And please, walk/run facing traffic if you must refuse the sidewalk. When cars are coming, form a single file line (especially in parking lots!)

Apostrophes- I see it all the time in the Survivor discussion of Heroes vs. Villains. The “hero’s” tribe drives me nuts! It is not one hero who owns a tribe. It is not the “hero is” in your statement. Take a second or two to see if the apostrophe is appropriate for one of these two reasons. If not, leave it out. Yes, sometimes you may have to add an “e” to make it plural, but the apostrophe is not an appropriate replacement for the “e.”

As far as the two-way stop, isn’t it the same rules as a four-way stop? We have one at my neighborhood entrance that gets me screaming almost every morning. I thought the rule was that whoever arrives first, gets to go first when the way is clear (unless the person turning right can turn while the left-turner or one going straight can’t). I’m constantly getting halfway into the road and having to stop because someone from across the road decides to turn right without paying any attention to the fact that I’ve been there for five minutes waiting to turn left! It’s the same thing on the one-lane bridge. People will decide to just keep on going instead of taking turns. I’ll sit through 6-8 cars coming at me while I wait. I have a friend that thinks it’s that way. It’s fine if you’re the one who gets to go, but if you’re the one sitting and waiting for 10 minutes, it’s NOT fair!

What about driving with your parking lights on? (Yeah, I ended that with a preposition! Got a problem???) I have to look twice to make sure it’s not emergency lights or a stuck turn signal. If you think you need lights on, turn your headlights on!

Before someone gets all upset here, I’m not saying I hate it when people make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes or doesn’t know the rules. It’s the lack of caring or refusal to pay attention to their grammar because it’s on the computer. It’s really hard for me to read stuff in all caps or without punctuation. If you expect people to take you seriously or read what you’ve written, take a few seconds to proofread and make sure it’s understandable.

The only cyclists that belong on sidewalks are little kids. I refuse to budge for cyclists that are on sidewalks…and I am an avid cyclist! :teehee: