OT: Perimenopause is like

… entering the argument clinic, only to find that the inhabitants think it’s the ministry of silly walks.

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don’t you wish you could… Run Away!!!

You know, maybe I did. Right now, I’m having Rice Krispies because it’s the closest thing in the house to conversation. :rofl:

:teehee: Been through all that already (early) and …isn’t it fun?! :doh:

Been there, doing that. I started at the ripe ol’ age of 34, wee hoo. :hair:

remember it is normal and with hormones raging or waining it’s o.k. to go for the throat :hair: :eyes::roflhard:

I hate it when there’s more to shave on your face than there is on your legs…

Perimenopause is like…hmmmmm…dementia?

I started getting my first symptoms at 36. It was really frustrating to look up “perimenopause” on the internet and find about 7,000 different potential symptoms. We’re women, we’re complicated. And no two are alike, apparently. :roll:

So, for me, perimenopause is like owning a complicated machine that needs a tune-up, but the instruction manual is written in Chinese (and for a totally different machine too!). Oy!

I know that I’m feeling demented. x-(

And weary.

Like living in the Arctic one moment then leaping into a steam vent the next.

I got you all beat.

For me, menopause began at 25. (I’m 31 now) My brain decided that was a good time to grow a big honkin’ tumor the size of a golf ball, which squashed my pituitary. The craniotomy didn’t help, nor did the massive amounts of radiation I had when it recurred.

Hot flashes and gaining 70 pounds at age 25 are no fun! No kids for me either, but that’s not such a big deal. What I really miss is being able to concentrate my urine - I’m like a human straw, in one end and out the other. It makes long road trips a thing of the past.

But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much - I’m walking, talking, finished med school, learned to knit, and I still swear like a sailor. :smiley:

I can DEFINITELY vouch for this one. :teehee:

:heart: ya, Linda! :teehee:

With a raging libido, it can be tempting to aim lower. :rofl: Or higher (intellectually,) depending upon the mood swing.

That’s possibly the worst part. Why does electrolysis have to be so expensive and not covered by insurance? It’s a valid need!

me, every night: throw off the covers, dive under the covers, throw off the covers, dive under the covers, throw off the covers, wake up and look at the clock (it’s only 3 a.m.?!). pffffft… maybe I’ll get up anyway. doze off. wake up cold and dive under the covers, throw off the covers. grumble about coffee and get up.

[SIZE=3]I’ve had bouts of dizziness for the past month. anyone else?[/SIZE]

… burning alive from the inside out?

I read the title wrong the first time. I actually still get the occasional hot flash, but they are not too bad anymore. I was lucky because when I first started going through this I was able to take Premarin. It was a godsend and I can’t imagine going 10 yrs w/o it.
I’m off it now of course, but I think I’d do it again for a short time if I was starting this like you all are. Quality of life is nothing to take lightly. :wink:

Tell me about it…and the mood swings are bad…my DH never knows when to duck :rofling:Im cold during the day and burning up at night.

Then you stop your monthly and think you are done for the month and 3 days later you are spotting…this really iratates me big time.

Wanted to let you know that ive been having the dizzy spells to for about 5 months now and ive noticed that it happens after my monthly about the time i would pop the eggie :roflhard: