OT - Pearl Harbor Day

In case anyone is interested (I find it interesting, but it’s my grandma, so who knows), my grandmother has a bit of her diary from just before and after Pearl Harbor online at www.gingersdiary.com She was a high school senior in Hickam Field, Hawaii at the time.

Thank you for posting this! I’m still reading it and I will pass it on to my husband the history freak.

Cate, how interesting!!!

And I don’t mean to giggle, but I had to when she wrote on the Sunday after: “Whatta Sunday! No funnies!!”

Very very interesting, thanks for sharing that! :hug:

Thank you Cate! :muah:

Thanks for sharing that Cate, it was very interesting!

And people wonder where I get my sense of humor?! :teehee:

My Kate is going to show that to her AP History class tomorrow. Thanks for sharing, Cate! :muah:

I love sharing it! I just wish I’d remembered earlier in the day.
Oh, and in case anyone is worried, she did get to graduate high school. I remember being very concerned about that the first time I read it. :teehee:

I’ve been wondering whether she ever got a class ring. :shrug: