OT: Peanuts Special is On TONIGHT!

Hey Everyone! Just thought I’d remind everyone that tonight is the Peanuts Halloween special…

“It the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

:cheering: i love the peanut special

Thats right! Thanks for the reminder my kids would have been upset if we missed it. :smiley:

Heck… I’d be upset missing it. LOL

My kids don’t like Peanuts! :shock:

I always end up watching it by myself. But that’s ok with me! :slight_smile:
I :heart: Snoopy.

hurray! I love the peanuts… I cried when Schultz died.

Are they going to show it without commercials?

Oh, yeah!! :cheering: Thanks, Joel! I hope it doesn’t conflict w/ the World Series!!

yay! THanks for the heads up!

Yay!!! Peanuts! :slight_smile:

I love those specials… but waaahh, my volunteer group had their monthly meeting tonight… but heavens to mergatroid I WILL NOT ever miss watching the Christmas one or Rudolph. And I have to watch at least some of the Macy’s parade. I would love to see it in person. Been keeping those seasonal traditions since i was able to sit up on my own in front of the tv. :roflhard:

:frowning: How could I forget! AHHH

It was fantastic, better than I remembered (from last year). I have rarely missed it since I was a kid! My little ones watched it for what they Swear was the first time, hehe. And they LOVED it! It was so refreshing to watch something with them and not worry about guns, sex, or nakedness…OY!

I wonder if they’ll show it again? :?? :pray: otherwise… :verysad:

Angela –

I have Dishnetwork, and I just did a search for you. It doesn’t look like they’re showing TGP again. Sorry. :crying:

I love Peanuts! I got Olivia & Ben in their jammies, we popped popcorn and snuggled in my bed to watch it. They have never seen it before, and just loved it! In fact, I taped it and they’re watching it again right now. Ben just loves Snoopy as the Red Baron!

The Red Baron part is my FAVORITE!!! It dawned on my last night that I could have worn the aviator cap that I did, a scarf, and painted my face like Snoopy for Halloween…next year, for sure!