OT: Paris

So today is my last actual day here before vacation…I’ll be in Paris for a week…taking in all that is Paris…being that I have an odd obsession with the Eiffle Tower my boyfriend is concerned of what I’ll come back with seeing as we already have towers all over the apt…but it other concern is that I’ll come home with more yarn…it made me laugh…lol…but I just thought I’d share that I’ll be gone for a week and if any of you have any suggestions on things that have to be done or seen in Paris let me know… :woot:

You can see the Eiffel Tower from almost anywhere in Paris, so be sure to get your picture with it in the background every time you see it !!! Also, you can make reservations to eat in the restaurant in the Eiffel tower and not wait in the LONG lines to go up. I loved the gift shops there, but if you want to bring back little ET’s to friends, buy them from the “street shops”.

There are several yarn shops and you will find yarn in some “department” stores. And … the pastry , yummmmm …
Across the city with ET in background. From the top of the ET. Knitting Store. Goodies . [SIZE=4] HAVE FUN !!![/SIZE]

OH, and be sure to look at the bottom of your souvenirs and make sure it says France instead of China on the bottom :slight_smile:

ooo never thought to check the bottom…lol…will do for sure…me and my friend have already planned to do most of our gift shopping from the carts…on the plus side we get there the day after bastilla day so there should still be plenty going on esp with the tour de france also…

i esp can not wait for the food

Enjoy every minute !

You should definitely check out the Pantheon! The crypt is really cool, and it’s really worth doing the tour and climbing up all those stairs to the very top from where you can see the entire city (Eiffel Tower included, of course!). Afterward, you can walk over to the Jardins de Luxembourg. Great place to have a nice little picnic.

I’m a huge art history geek, so I think it’s a good idea to take your time with the museums and churches. If you’re [I]really [/I]into art and architecture, then I recommend you reserve a whole day to visit the Louvre (likewise if you plan on venturing over to Versailles). You don’t realize how huge these places are until you’re actually there!

But since you’ll be there for a whole week, I highly, [I]highly [/I]recommend you simply take a map and go! Just walk around the Quartier Latin, up and down the Champs Elysees and all around Montmartre. Pairs has “les soldes” this time of year so you can even get some non-yarn shopping done! Don’t be afraid to venture into less touristy areas. And don’t forget to have at least one chocolate croissant! Hope your trip is fabulous :slight_smile:

Ooooh! J’adore Paris! You will love it!

Here’s my list:

  1. Le Musee D’Orsay – this museum is full of Impressionist art, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. It’s smaller than the Louvre and less intimidating.

  2. L’Orangerie – sit for a while and stare at Monet’s Water Lilies. Divine!

  3. If you are there on a Sunday morning head over to the Marché aux Oiseaux (the bird market.) All the other days, it’s the flower market but on Sunday it’s filled with birds and other small animals. It’s right near Notre Dame.

  4. If you can handle walking up a few hundred winding marble stairs (not kidding) check out the view from the towers of Notre Dame. Incredible.

  5. Visit Montmatre. At dusk the view of the lights of Paris from Sacre Coeur is breathtaking. Butte en Vigne is a great restaurant there off the main square and less touristy (if that’s possible!)

  6. The Catacombs ( I know someone else mentioned them) are worth a trip. Be warned of lots of stairs and lots of walking.

  7. Eat pastries at Lauderee. Especially the macarons. There are a few of them in Paris.

  8. Have gelato at Amarino. There are a couple of them as well.

  9. Have dinner at La Fourmi Ailée in the Latin Quarter.

Oh Gosh! Can you hide me in your suitcase and bring me along?

Here’s a link to my blog posts about our trip to Paris last year if you are interested: Photobella’s 365

Have fun! Dit “Bonjour” à Paris pour moi!

thanks for all the great info and ideas…the orsay is on our schedule already as i love impressionist art…we’re also going up to giverny…the bird market/flower market seems sooo interesting…ill have to suggest that one for sunday…i know we’re going to notre dame…just not what we’re doing exactly…and montmatre is on the list of possible things…and after seeing your pictures of the catacombs that moved way up on my list…i think the food is one of the main things i’m looking forward too…less than 24 hours till I’m in the air on my way to Paris:woohoo:

I’m going to Paris, too, but only for 4 days. :woot: Rick Steve’s Paris guide is the best! Musee D’Orsay is at the top of my list and I haven’t decided what else to see yet as there is SO much!!!

But I did download this adorable shawl pattern:

Maybe I should wait til I get to Paris to get yarn for it…

Happy Trails!

Bambi, I LOVE that shawl pattern ! Thanks for the link … how fun to make it with yarn from Paris !!! I think I need to go back and get some yarn to make it…

I am so jealous. Paris is one of my favorite places to visit. I had my honeymoon there.

Don’t be afraid to use the metro. You can buy a week pass and safe money. You also safe your feet. I always get major blisters when I go to Paris.

You must visit La Madeleine Church. It is on Rue de la Madeleine. I love this church so much I named my DD after it. I like it because it is not like other churches. Rue de la Madeleine is a fantastic street, too. The couture shops are on this street.

Blvd de la St. Germain is also a wonderful area to visit. It is near University so there are always a lot of hip young students there. And the shops are always fun to see.

If you are planning to visit Jim Morrison’s grave, don’t. It is so diffficult to find. Rather disappointing when you finally find it. Although the cemetery is interesting.

You must go the Rodin Museum. It is small, but the gardens are beautiful. There is a small cafe there, too.

I love Luxemburg Gardens, too. I like to just wander in there and watch the men play games.

There is so much to see that no matter what you decide to see you will be blown away. Eat everything and enjoy the cafes as well. Make sure you ask to the check if you want the waiter to bring it to you. Otherwise he will just let you sit and people watch. He’s not being rude, he’s just doing his job.

All the places mentioned in previous posts are mind blowing. The only place I have not visited in 5 trips is the Louvre. I just don’t want to spend the day there and the lines are usually out the door. You must see the Water Lilies at Musée de l’Orangerie they are breath taking, you have no idea how large the are. I will never forget them.

Bon Voyage

Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

I will be going to Paris in two weeks.

A place not to be missed is the church of Saint Chapelle. It is a jewel box of stained glass. Exquisite!