OT - Panicing too much to knit

JeeZ, you guys! After going though a number of tests and an MRI, my neurologist has decided that my arm and leg weakness (which has been increasing the last couple of years) is due not to a fall I took, but to the disks in my cervical spine pushing on the spinal cord. She was pleased as all get out that this was the problem rather than a motor neuron disease. I’m scheduled to see a neuro-surgeon this friday.

Now I’m panicking at the thought of months of recovery and it not helping me get back to some sort of normal. I haven’t been upstairs since August 2005. I haven’t been able to sleep in my own bed or showered anyplace but the first floor laundry tubs. I’m living out of my family room.

I guess I better get some kind of guarantee from this guy that I’m going to improve without mego-pain and ability to go back to normal living, huh?

My daughter just moved to Yuma AZ and a new job and my DH and I were going to visit her at the end of May. Now I wonder???

Maybe I should just try and deal with the mobility problems. Ya think?


I won’t lie to you; the pain after the surgery is incredible but it slacks off pretty quickly if you just grit your teeth and do the rehab. The more you get moving as soon as possible after it the faster the pain reduces.

I wish I’d had it done much sooner instead of waiting until my right leg stopped working (while driving a rig in traffic LOL)

As for the needles: Put them in perspective folks. I’ve been shot and I’ve been stabbed. Compared to knives and bullets even the largest needles are pretty frigging small.

And always remember Patrick Swayze’s words in Road House: “Pain don’t hurt”


My mum’s ex-boyfriend used to say rubbish like “it don’t hurt once the pains gone”


Thanks for all your support guys
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Thanks, Mason, for the encouragement. I’m not really a’feared of the pain; just skeerd of not getting any better. We’ll see what the neuro-surgeon says Friday.

I’m still hoping to visit my dd in May in Yuma. (Pssst. Don’t tell anyone, but she’s the new on the street reporter for the local NBC affiliate. Can’t say anything about it!! But if you live in that area, Liz is my beautiful girl!)

I just wanna walk without fear of falling over, and be able to get up from a chair w/o having to use a crutch to stand. Go to the mall and shop for groceries and get files out of the cabinet at the office. Is that so much to ask?

Pain I can take. I’m a Mom!!

Wow, I’m impressed. I was afraid my attitude would be taken the wrong way. Do what you have to do. Period. Life is full of crap, just make the best of the crap that you can without whining about it.

Ok, a little whining is ok.

Thanx. Whining is a good thing.! :teehee: