OT Panda Cam

This is a cool site. You can watch the live feed of the Panda and her baby from the National Zoo. Can’t always see the baby, but it’s nice to stop in periodically.


Cute. I think I could sort of see the baby

I just took another look and I saw it’s head. So tiny. You can make it bigger to fit your whole screen. Put the cursor over the upper left corner and click on the realplayer symbol and then maximize it.

oh good…so that was the baby and not just a random lump. I didn’t take the time to read about it…was the panda born in captivity?

The Pandas are on loan to the National Zoo in D.C. and the baby was born there.

Awwwwww :inlove:
The little guy is all curled up under mama’s chin… ain’t technology wonderful??? :cheering:

My g’son and I were watching for a while earlier. His little face was showing with the tiny black circles around his eyes. Then mom was washing his butt for a loooog time so we gave them some privacy. :wink:

That may be the SWEETEST thing Ive EVER seen! :heart:

:fingerwag: No biting! Mama won’t like it!

OMG Ive been watching them for an HOUR! Mama is trying to sleep with baby all cuddled up close to her…baby keeps trying to wiggle out to play and every time he gets close to “freedom”, she wakes up & scoops him back in to her…sometimes giving him a couple of kisses before falling back to sleep. :inlove:

I could watch this FOREVER!

i have been too…have been trying to get a good shot of the baby to copy and she keeps gettin’ him back…they are just too cute!

And do you hear the little NOISES he’s making???

i did hear those…i couldn’t figure out where they were coming from at first and then i realized it was the baby makin’ all that noise! just too sweet

OOO OOOO, Baby’s all stretchy outie on the straw…
Toooooo Cuuuuuuuuutttteeeeee!

Where’s mama? I’m glad they didn’t try to hand raise the baby. This is so sweet.

i think that is momma in the picture…i think there are too many markings on it to be the baby…she’s been rolling around stretching…just love watching them…

I think it’s the baby. Look at the size of the straw next to him. When he was born he was all white, but yesterday I got a glimpse of him on mama and he had his markings.

you are right…momma just came walking in. i didn’t see the markings on his back yesterday! :happydance: seriously i have been watching this for too darn long!>…lol


Has anyone taken a look lately? He’s getting big and not always wrapped up in mommy!


lol…i still watch it all the time…whenever i need a smile at work. i wanna see him up running and playing panda bear games!!