OT - Palmistry

Any palm readers out there?

I’m really interested to find out what it means to have a big long thumb like my daughter’s.

Can you also advise me on a good book or two in palmistry.


Check out this page

Thanks Hildegard_von_Knittin,

Do you know much about palmistry yourself? Could you recomend any books?

I can’t personally recommend anything, no, because I don’t know a lot about it. Just little bits of what I’ve read here and there. If you look at Amazon.com you can probablly find something and read the customer reviews–that will give you an idea of how good or bad the book is.

good luck!

I know a bit about it.

The technical term for Palmistry is Chiromancy.
A good book on the subject is The Palmistry Workbook. It is a step by step guide/workbook on how to read palms.

I’d say if your daughter has a long thumb, she would most likely have a “Water Hand” which would indicate she is emotional and guided by her feelings. She probably would not have much tolerance for loud noisy places and would seem to prefer quiet and calm surroundings.

One good website on the subject is http://www.astropalmistry.com/chiromancy.html

Hope this helps.