OT- Packaging stalking..oh I mean tracking

Am I the only one that tracks their packages right to the point of delivery? I freak out my UPS guy, when I tell him that I am going to be getting a package on such n such day. He tells me that I am “one of those” and chuckles. :shock: :oops:

:waving: Package tracker here!

Uh no. I think the entire forum is made up of stalkers. I mean trackers. :roflhard:

It depends. If it’s yarn, needles or any other sort of crafty thing OR clothing for me I’m a stalker. If it’s something I’ve ordered for another person then I’m like “eh.” lol

Well, that goes without saying! :rofling: The problem is, when it’s not yarn, I’m quite disappointed, even if it’s something else for me.

I actually chased the FedEx truck down one day and begged for my package… :roflhard: but it was the wrong FedEx truck :roflhard: The driver was all, “lady, you need the truck with the dog on it.” :oops:

(It was a signature-required package that I’d been waiting for for days, and every time I left the house to go get my daughter from preschool – a very short trip – the FedEx guy would come and leave me a note. We actually drove around the neighborhood looking for him.)

I live about 10 miles out of town. The UPS guy that delivers to my office is the same one that delivers to my house. I already have him “trained” to leave my packages at the office. I have a few of the Fed Ex guys/gals trained as well. The other day I had a Fed Ex guy in my office and I asked if he had a package for my home address, he checked and he did. I told him I would save him a 40 minute trip and sign for it here. He was all smiles. I thought he was going to pee his pants, he was that excited. :roflhard:

:rofling: That is too hilarious.

My husband will monitor the window when he’s expecting a package and will run to the door to meet the delivery guy as soon as he sees him coming. I’m not quite as bad, but I know that one of the reasons I’m an ebay junkie is because I love getting packages. It’s like being a kid on Christmas morning.

When I first discovered the joy of on-line shopping, the man who was working on our house at the time thought I had a shopping phobia since UPS was coming just about every day. :oops:

If UPS/Fed Ex makes it to my house they have to deal with my dog. He loves people, especially those two. He always jumps in the truck and tries to steal their secret doggie treat stash. One time when our mail was being delivered he decided to steal her sandwich out of the truck when she wasn’t looking. Luckily, she was fast and caught him in the act. :oops:

I don’t do online or mail order shopping so I don’t get deliveries unless my best friend is sending me a care package {about once or twice a year}. :verysad: