OT - Overwhelmed w/College Classes UPDATE on GRADE for Topic

My first thought was … which place has the best yarn !

I have always found that professors are very happy to help! E.g. if I think life circumstances will make it difficult for me to complete an assignment on time, I have always got an extension upon asking! I think this is because I do it early. If you ask for an extension a few days before it’s due, they are likely to think you just didn’t get around to it (I often do that too but I work hard to get it done on time in those cases). If I ask early, they know I’m not just lazy… I’m going to be overseas, etc., and they’re happy to help.
Also when I don’t understand a question, asking for clarification always gets me very useful help, as long as I make it clear I’m not asking just ‘what is the answer?’. Even when asked a question in person during class, I just say ‘I’m not entirely clear on what you’re asking here.’ Then I clarify and can answer well.
So if I’m not sure which of three approaches they are asking about, I ask do you mean ‘this’, this’, or ‘that’? They are always happy to help as long as you’re not just being lazy.

So in this case, you could have based the decision purely on where you prefer to live, as you don’t have enough information for the other reasons! Actually it looks like that’s partly what you did. Also if you explain your reasoning, even if it’s not what they would have chosen, if your reasoning is logical for what you considered important they usually can appreciate that!

Whatever country your prof would have chosen for this question, if someone else’s answer had simply been ‘country Y’ and been the same country prof would have chosen, they might not be marked well because he doesn’t know what their reasons were.
Well done on getting this despite the question being not entirely clear about what he/she wants!


I should have put that in!!! Would have given him a chuckle. Perhaps he went easy on me since he knows that I took his last exam during my daughter’s knee surgery.

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Sarah!


So he just posted grades for this…

I made a 95 on this assignment!

Now, if I can do okay on the final, maybe I’ll pull an A. I dunno, though. This class is ridiculously hard!


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Australia also has some of the best surfing in the world! :thumbsup:

Okay, it is also some of the more shark infested waters too…But did I mention they have awesome waves! :slight_smile:

Uh, you had me convinced until…