OT - Overwhelmed w/College Classes UPDATE on GRADE for Topic

Just had to take a sec and take a deep breath…

I take online college classes. I’m currently taking three classes, on top of being a mom, working 30 hours a week, and doing all the other stuff that accompanies “adulthood.” I’m the type of person who MUST make straight A’s. Always did growing up…you know what I mean.
I want to be a good example for my teens…

I have three more weeks until the end of this term (there are nine weeks of instruction then about a week and a half between terms). Seems like forever!

I just completed one of my assignments and popped into my other class to read the discussion board (participation is required for grades). The new topic is AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH, and the prof’s responses to my other classmates posting is AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH.

Fortunately, I haven’t posted my response to the topic yet, but I’m seeing a few hours of research.

I do NOT do “work” on Sundays due to my belief in the Sabbath - a day of rest. This day is dedicated to church and knitting.

So, I’ll be up late to try to finish the topic, which is due on Monday, along with a KILLER test. The tests (all open-book but so HARD!) really unnerve me.

I really, really, really can’t stand this class (World Geography).

Sorry…just very frustrated and burned out. But, I must press on. God will give me what I need, as I need it.

Thanks for “listening.”


The topic is AAAARRRRGGGHHH? :??

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee: I know lots about that topic… maybe i could help :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

I’ve had classes like that, I feel your pain. Very frustrating!

I don’t know how you’re doing it, quite honestly! I had a hard enough time managing a full course load and only working 20 hours a week and still living home (i.e. not really having responsibility).

Treat yourself to some good relaxation tomorrow and again after your exam. Good luck!


Sorry. That was my attempt to not bore y’all with the details.

Here’s the topic (cut and pasted from my school site):

[color=green]Imagine that you are a young, single, up-and-coming executive officer in a U.S. based company that is expanding it operations overseas to the following countries: Mexico; Brazil; Germany; France; Japan; England; India; Mainland China; and Australia. Because you have some seniority over other young executives in the company, you get to choose which of these countries you would like to move to, to establish company operations. Which country would you choose? Considering all geographic factors you have studied thus far this term, explain why you would select that country.[/color]

Most people in class so far have chosen India, to which the prof responds, “Why not just outsource?”


I guess my brain is simply tired.

Hmmm. Without knowing some specifics regarding the nature of the company’s business it’s an impossible question to answer. From a strictly geographic standpoint, if one will be needing to ship to all of those countries from one of them, Brazil would make the most sense to me.

But that;s probably wrong too. :rofl:

You know, I didn’t even notice that he didn’t put the specific type of business in. That really opens up the discussion and allows for interesting possibilities. One would assume, if you’re talking computer/software company, that you go somewhere like India or Japan, but this could be anything.

To repeat my favorite saying…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!

But, I just ate dinner, so maybe I can approach this with a clearer mind now.

I’d pick mainland China.

Size, booming economy for most part, large population… blah, blah.

If it were for a purely where do I want to go choice, I’d pick Australia.

Actually, now I’m thinking that the particular type of business might not be that important. I think I’m supposed to look at things like transferability, trade factors, and other such stuff.

I want this over with! :wall:

Hmmm…wonder what the quality of life is? That would certainly have to be a big reason for me to choose to go there.

Auburnchick–hang in there–I feel your pain. I completed my master’s degree at a traditional university (meaning I had to go to class two to three times per week) after becoming a single parent of a then 9 month old little girl and working full-time. I also am obsessed w/ good grades and my little didn’t sleep through the night until she was 18 months old–it all added up to a very tired, very frustrated “me”. I’m now working on my terminal degree, just had a baby and am working full-time (w/ the exception of the 6 weeks I’m taking off to be w/ the baby). My classes are about 50% online so I spend some time having to attend class and some time trying to do homework between a crying baby, a wild banshee of a 4 YO and a husband ('nuff said). The fact that you’re doing it says volumes about you and when you’re finished you’ll know that you can do anything! :slight_smile:

Now about the country–I’d choose Japan except that the cost of living is outrageous! (I just love Japan–used to live there) I’m not really any help w/ the whole business/geography thing–not my bag but I wish you the best–maybe dinner helped to “clear your mind”.

Thanks Cristy! :muah:

Sounds like you have your plate full as well.

I’m working through the countries…thinking about Australia…

From a “things like transferability, trade factors, and other such stuff” perspective, Australia wouldn’t be a bad choice as long as you can spell it out for the Prof.

I’m still thinking Brazil though, but probably for the wrong reasons. :rofl:


Well, I finished. Thanks for the suggestions!

Here’s what I typed as my response (little numbers are my footnote notations, which I did not include here):

[color=green]First of all, I notice that the specific type of company has not been specified, which leaves open many possible ways to respond to this topic.

If I were given the choice of which country to relocate to, I would select Australia. There are a number of reasons for this decision.

First of all, Australia’s climate varies from arid to tropical.[1] Because I’m a cold-natured person, this is very important to me. Australia has a bevy of natural wonders that would make my days off interesting. The Blue Mountains are home to canyons, valleys, and waterfalls. Australia has many national parks and a variety of unusual wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is, perhaps, the most well-known Australian wonder.[2] Life expectancy averages to 80.5 years.[3] According to the 2001 Census, Christians make up 20.5% of the population – another factor that is very important to me as freedom to practice my religion is paramount. Although housing costs have increased significantly over the last 15 to 20 years, it is believed that housing costs maxed out in 2005.[3] As a young executive with seniority, my income would probably allow for the higher-priced home I chose to live in, or I could move out of the city to find more affordable housing.

The population of Australia is clustered near the coasts with the majority of the population living in or near the larger cities. This would provide for plenty of locations to “get away from it all” and relax yet return to the city for the amenities that cities offer.

Australia has a western-style capitalist economy that is slowly getting stronger and stronger as trade relations with Japan and other countries strengthen. According to our textbook, Australia’s GNI ranks among the top 15 countries. While it’s not at the top of the list, it certainly provides business challenges that would keep my job interesting.

Overall, I believe that a move to Australia, while essentially for business purposes, would still allow for considerable personal amenities – important factors to consider since no one works 24 hours a day.[/color]

It looks like a reasonable response to me. Please let us know what the Prof’s response turns out to be.


He’s very, very tough. I made an 85 on the last topic. I’ve never made below an A in my other classes.

Oh well, now I can knit tomorrow and look forward to taking my test, unprepared, on Monday. :teehee: At least our public schools are out, which means I don’t have to work since I am employeed by the school district myself. I’ll have the whole day to take care of business.

Thanks again for the support. Y’all are the BEST!! :muah:

Ah, I wasn’t aware that you worked for the school system. I taught High School for a couple of years as well as some Adult Ed computer courses. I also did technical training for several years.

Truck driving is so much easier. :rofl:

I understand how you feel about the grades thing. I used to be the same way until I realized that it was the learning that was important, not the grade.

That’s a good motto except when you have teens looking over your shoulder. My dd will give me a hard time if I miss questions on an exam. She thinks she’s funny. I find her annoying.

Hmmm…shoe is on the other foot though…

Here’s the response from my Prof:

[color=green] You are one of the few to note that no type company was specified, leaving it open for specification.[/color]

Coming from him, that was good.

Thanks, Mason, for pointing this out! That realization made the assignment MUCH easier!


Cool, and you’re welcome. Having worked in international business management (technical) for many years that was just the first thing that crossed my mind.