OT: Ouch!

I have hemochromatosis which is a genetic blood disorder that builds up too much iron in your body. Basically the only treatment for this is to get a pint of blood taken out (surprisingly with our technology today there’s no other treatment :?? )…and I have to get it done every week for a while, then once the iron goes down enough I get to go once a month. Well I went today and had a horrible experience. I’ve always been a hard draw when getting blood taken because my veins are very deep so they usually have to put a heating pad on to bring it up. Well today the woman just cleaned my arm off and stuck the needle in…she didn’t even check to see if she was going to hit a vein. If that wasn’t bad enough, she said that the blood was coming out too slow after getting about 1/2 a bag and she was going to take the needle out (now this has never happened to me and I’ve been getting this treatment for 3 years now). She decided to stick my other arm but in doing so she had to jab the needle around while it was sticking in me. I thought I’d gotten used to the needles after having this done for so long, but it hurt so badly I had tears coming down :pout: . I’m probably being a baby, but boy I wish my mom was there to hold my hand…last week was the first time I ever had to get it done without here being there and it went fine, so I thought I’d be able to do it on my own now, but I don’t like it.

Oh my goodness!! I’m so sorry you have to have this done. And yes, it is amazing that they haven’t figured another way to do the treatment. Maybe some day soon.

As for the digging around in your arm to find the vain, unfortunately I can empathize with you on that one. 12 yrs ago I was having my wisdom teeth pulled and they were about to administer the drugs to put me to sleep. Now my veins are right on the surface of my skin so it’s not at all hard to find them, BUT !!! those idiots decided to use the arm where they are a bit deeper embedded in my arm.

Oh. My. God. I will never forget that pain for as long as I live. :pout: They stuck that needle in there and dug around like they had found gold!! After what felt like an eternity they finally tried the other arm and surprise! it went in without a hitch.

So don’t you feel bad for crying, that hurts like a mother!!!

Hope you heal quickly. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Oh my goodness, Kaydee! I’m so sorry you have to go through that! have you talked with your doctor about getting a portacath or something equally semi-permanent for this, since you have to have it done so often?

Regardless, you have the right to ask for a different technician when one is being that unprofessional with you. You should always tell them that you’re a hard stick, moreso because you get stuck so often and there’s scar tissue, and if you feel that someone’s being rough ask for a different tech. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings, one of you is at work and it’s not you!

As a health care professional, I am ashamed and appalled when I hear about treatment like this. I’m so so sorry.


Oh, dear!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

You were’nt being a baby – you deserve to be treated better and you should bring it to someone’s attention that you were so badly treated.

It sound like the person who drew your blood was just in too much of a hurry and had no compassion at all and should be in some other job, preferably one with no human contact.

There is no excuse for that kind of treatment!


I’m really sorry to hear that! I cringe just thinking.
I had anemia for a couple years as a child and had to get blood drawn every week.
my veins are really small and collapse at the drop of a pin.
& today I instinctually bite any kind of doctor with no qualms whatsoever until it’s too late - I have to take valium before I go to the dentist and if I am not sufficiently spaced when I get there he sends me home. :oops:

I hope it doesn’t happen again, but don’t be afraid to yell! it’s not their job to torture you! :!!!:

hope your arms aren’t too swollen and all, and feel better soon.

Aww that sounds horrible! I hope it’s better next time and they can find a better treatment soon! :hug:

Thanks for all the warm wishes and understanding…that’s why I love all you KHers so much :hug:

Unfortunatly, this one woman basically runs the place, and since its so small, she’s usually the only one there since not many people go in for treatment. She was so great the first time that I was really surprised she did such a bad job this time…I think she must’ve been a rush or something, I don’t know how else to explain it. Its unfortunate to see people who don’t take the proper time to work with patients…this is in the very hospital I work in!

:pout: I am not afraid of needles whatsoever but what you experienced just seemed horrible to me :help: I think I would have screamed at that woman!

Some health professionals are awesome but some others should really consider a career change :grrr: I know sometimes they “have” to hurt you a little, but in general they will apologize and be sympathetic! That woman is just very bad at what she does, it’s very sad you had to pay for her incompetence.

:hug: oh… I know how that can hurt.
Kisses for you with honey on!

Holy crap that SUCKS!!!. It makes my elbow pits hurt :ick:

I always drink at LEAST a gallon of water the day before having to get blood drawn. That makes the veins plump up nicely. (thanks to my mom the phlebotomist). I still cry and get hysterical and pass out, but at least they don’t have to dig around in there :zombie:

Oh, Hilde!

What a sight you must be!!!

You should bring some yarn with you to stroke next time – something really soft to calm you down!



I am in New Jersey but if I lived closer I would go with you the next time. I feel so sorry for you. Hang in.

Oh my! Having had some experiences like this I just about conked myself out reading about yours!


:hug: :hug: :hug:

Maybe it’s just as well your Mum wasn’t there that particular time or said technician might have ended up with a thick ear.

Next time you go for this treatment, I know it’s not easy, but do please tell her she hurt you like hell.

If it makes you feel better, go with your Mum next time - Mum’s get very protective at times and it seems that if someone else is with you, the vampire minds what she’s doing a bit more!

All the Best


Well, if that’s the case, then ask her pointedly “Could you please be a little more gentle?” If she’s truly a professional, she’ll pause and be more gentle, perhaps with an apology. If she is just being a b*tch, then you can write a letter to the PR department. Whether you work there or not, whether she’s all by herself or not, you still deserve better treatment.

I hope it goes better next time! :muah:

ouch, that sounds terrible! gives me the willies just reading. here’s a hug for your boo-boo :hug: and a poo-poo on the nurse for not being so careful this time around. I hope they rush her less and I hope she learned from your tears. :frowning:

OH my dear I’m so sorry. I don’t know what you’re going through but I will keep you in my thoughts. :pray: I HATE needles!!! You are so brave doing it every month. I hope that research can develop a treatment that is less painful and more convenient. :hug: :grphug: :hug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

ouch!! i have to have blood taken every 6 months and they always have a hard time hitting the vein. so i hear ya! i dread it. and i have no fear of needles of any kind. i had iv’s and blood drawn A LOT as a child and now at 23 i’ve had all kinds of piercings and have 6 tattoos. but i Still make my mom go with me to get the blood drawn!

i’ll keep you in my thoughts, hope you start feeling better!!

Thanks for the support everyone! :hug: Hopefully next week will be better…and I’m going to make sure to speak up if she is hurting me.