OT: Oscar Mayer Fast Franks?

So i just saw a commercial for these.

My question is this. How lazy is our society getting? People can’t buy buns and hot dogs separately now?

Come on…

Sorry. I just can’t believe it.

Well to tell the truth I thought it was a really cool idea. Hotdogs don’t get eaten fast enough before the buns get that green mold on them. in my house. Plus, if you have kids they would come in handy. I am just in love with easy mac !!! When my son was hungry now now now now I knew i could make it for him in a matter of minutes rather than 15 and have leftovers. Plus I can see my bachelor brother gnawing down on those dogs considering it would take him a whole week of eating just hotdogs to use up the buns. :eyebrow:

if my math is correct… A person would be spending roughly an extra $1.19 per hot dog, just to be lazy and not put it in a bun! According to one website I found the 3 pack of these Fast Franks is $3.19.

I feel the same way! How hard is it to nuke a dang hotdog and bun! Next thing you know you’ll be able to buy your food ABC’d!

All I have to say is… .ohhhhhhh my goodness I miss hot dogs so bad!!! We don’t have hot dogs (REAL American ones) over here in NZ. sigh and drool

Hmmm, I guess I can see both sides. We buy most of our meat in bulk, then separate it out into meal-size portions and freeze it, to save some money. But we also usually have some convenience foods in the house, like EasyMac, Spaghettios, etc, for those times when the kids are starving “right now” or when there just isn’t time to make a meal. If they come in packages of 3, I would have to buy 2 just to feed the family, so I’d probably think twice before buying them.

With 2 little girls and a DH who also likes hot dogs, I would also have to buy at least 2 packages (which I probably will! :oops: ) I can understand both sides, lazy vs conveinence, so I will buy them but not as often as I buy the regular ones.

A little OT here, my BIG complaint is when I buy hotdogs and buns, the BallPark hotdogs come in packages of 10 and the BallPark Buns come in packages of 8??!! :wall: :whoosh: :hair: WHY can’t they come in packages with the same amount??!! (BTW, LOVE the emoticons!)

edited because of my lack of typing skills…

I am more of a bbq hotdog person myself. I can’t eat them any other way. Luckily our bbq is under a covered portion of our deck and we can bbq all year around.

Exactly! I buy the store brand of hotdog buns and they come in packs of 8 or 12. How dumb is that?

It’s a conspiracy. :smilingdevil: its a way to get us to buy more and more and more and more…

BallPark hotdogs also come in packages of 8. They cost a little more, but taste better and are frequently on sale. I usually buy the all beef ones. BTW, BallParks also come in packages with the hotdogs already in a bun.