OT or not-Rice socks

Just stumbled on the instructions to make this nifty arthritis aid.


Suppose you could make some pretty neat rice socks using your favorite sock pattern.

That IS a great idea!!

That’s a great idea! I have arthritis in my neck…maybe if I made one out of a long tube sock it would wrap around my neck nicely!

I have a couple of these that are made with half buckwheat hulls and half lavender buds. They smell heavenly, have a nice weight to them, and the lavender is soothing for headaches & other aches & pains. You can scent your rice with any essential or fragrance oil, just take it easy (a couple of drops will do it). Remember, it’s going to be against yuor skin, you don’t want to cause any irritation. Store a scented sock in a zip lock for a couple of days while the fragrance “soaks in.” A hand-knit sock would have to be pretty tight to keep the innards from escaping, but inexpensive tube socks from discount stores work great.

…or, instead of using a store bought tube sock, you could knit away with a devil-may-care loose gauge on your knitted tube, and put your rice/buckwheat/essential oils/neato stuffing that might fall out of your loosely knit tube into some nylons that have developed runs, carefulCAREFULcareful to knot the nylons so that the run is outside of the knotted area where your stuffing is packed, place knotted nylons inside of fantabulastic knitted tube, seam up and voila! you have knit something very cool, and sidestepped the fact that to knit so tightly so that not even a grain of rice can escape will make you crazy unless you are Ingrid.


jk, Ingrid!

raederle, Your suggestion is great. I’m thinking about using jasmine rice as a filler because it smells so wonderful.

I have one of these and My Husband and I both LOVE it! He gets bad headaches and it seems to help if he puts it on his forhead or neck. It was the only really helpfull thing we learned in Lamaze class…made them there. We put a little face on the end with a permanent marker and call him “mr rice”!