OT: OMG now what do I wear to the wedding?

[color=blue]In all of the business of centerpieces, table cloths, dishes, the music man… the phone calls of OMG :shock: “Mum how do I? What should I? I forgot to buy! Can you?” There is less than a month left before DH’s daughter’s wedding and I have no dress! DH is stressing more than I am at this point but it is getting closer. :passedout: Help! Please! Site suggestions? Ideas?

Thanks :muah:
anne [/color]

is it warm weather or cold? what are your preferences(short,long,casual,suit?)…colors?.. :shrug: help us help you! :mrgreen:

[color=blue]Details… I forgot the details! :wall: The wedding is April 14th in Vermont so it will be cool most likely–I like mid length- closer to the ankle than the knee, but not a gown. I do not want anything truely form fitting…I am average size but am carrying about 15 extra lbs… most of it around my middle lol

Thanks! :hug:

I rather like this… http://www.davidsbridal.com/mother_of_bride_detail.jsp?stid=2952&prodgroup=59

If you like classic yet girly looking dresses, try Chadwicks.com. It has all kinds of special occasion dresses and suits to fit just about everyone. The thing I like about the lines Chadwick’s carries (besides the good value) in the special occasion section is that while some of them are very frou-frou, others are classic and elegant enough to wear again. Don’t you just hate it when you get a “wear only one time dress”–like the bright red bridesmaid’s dress lurking :oo: in the back of my closet! :teehee:

[color=blue]Very elegant. I like that. There is a David’s in the Maine Mall. I assumed that they were quite costly. Might stop in there Friday after work.


MMMM yes I have a few of those dresses… makes you wonder “what were they thinking?” lol I did go onto Chadwicks site and there was a dress that caught my eye… what do you think? DH is wearing a black tux-- I am prone to power surges :teehee: so do not want anything too warm

I would just stay away from the loose drapey fabrics if you feel you’re carrying extra weight. They aren’t form fitting, but they usually “catch” the parts of you that stick out more than you want. How did bridget jones put it? Your “wobbly bits”?

I find that stiffer fabrics are a bit more flattering.

Have fun!!!

Oh yeah. I made my mom buy a mother of the bride dress from Davids. they have some nice stuff.
another place to look might be JCPenney. They usually have a large selection of dresses.

VERY PRETTY. :slight_smile: I’d want a jacket though if it was me…may be chilly up there…

they do have a nice selection, just make an appointment…b4 i got married, me & dh went in to look and they would not let me try anything on. they weren’t even busy! :grrr: needless to say, we left and i refused to go back.

[color=blue]Were they snobby? :pout:

no, not really. it just made me mad that they had literaly RACKS of dresses in tons of sizes, but i couldn’t try them on unless i had an appointment. there was one other bride there at the same time, and i think a MOB from a different family too. so, 3 customers, about 4 salespersons, racks of dresses, and i was basicly told to leave and come back when i had the sense to call ahead to let them know i wanted to buy a dress :?? so i smiled, took her stoopid card, and left. i bought my dress from a smaller, local bridal shop. thier loss though…i had eyed a few dress from their website prior to going too :shrug: oh well. i just wanted to let you know if yo :shrug: decided to go after work (even if you don’t buy from them…)

That’s only for wedding dresses. I’ve gone there a few times for ocassion dresses and can always try whatever I want on with no problem or ever being asked about having an appointment. You should look there, they have very reasonable prices compared to other places to get ocassion dresses.

when mom and I went for her, we didn’t make an appointment and they let her try on dresses…

but, like kaydee, we weren’t trying on wedding dresses.

I like that dark dress but as someone said you may want to put on a jacket, short sweater or how about a lacy black shrug to go over it, esp. being in VT at that time. But, I would rather go try on a dress and see how it looks than to order it based on a pic on a model–you always end up looking different than what you see!!

I would also check out JCP, try things on and bring a friend to see what they think.

I agree with the “trying on” idea. It is so hard to buy online… not really knowing how it will look. I visited JCP’s website and saw a few pretty dresses and there is a Pennys in the mall. I really dislike buying clothes lol. I know, strange hmm?

But I really want to look nice for DH and his daughter… things have been tough for her… I am filling the roll of mum for her-- her natural mum passed away a few years ago… I just want everything to be the way she has always wanted it to be.

anne [/color]

That is such a difficult position to be in. Bless your heart. I have a dear friend who is step mom to 3 children and they have been quite difficult for mer, she having a very strong personality. Sounds like your heart is in just the right place.

I totally agree with the others suggestions on going in and trying on the dresses. And I also agree with you, I hate trying on clothes/shopping, hehe! If only you had more time to knit up a beautiful shawl to coordinate! :smiley: But that is the least of your worries right now as its getting down to the wire. :hug:

Just a thought on a black dress…
I recently went to a wedding were the groom’s mother wore a long black dress. It was a formal wedding and I just thought of black being formal. BUT…some of the other women at the wedding, including the bride’s mother, felt it was a statement of some sort towards the bride and the marriage. They felt that for a wedding, the mothers should not wear black as it was more “funeral” attire. I honestly didn’t get it. :shrug: The mother looked very formal and nice, but for some reason these women had a HUGE problem with it.
(I think the picture of the dress you posted is very nice. I agree with a shawl/wrap just in case it is chilly at the reception). Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful day!! :heart:

I like this, since you said it was going to be colder. I also like this site as well

That first one is really pretty!