OT: OMG! Hilarious, touching... treesweater knitters unite!

For folks who need a laugh and a RAH RAH!! moment, check this knitter’s blog page out!!


Anyone up for doing a treesweater knitalong?? :cheering:


:teehee: I’ve seen pictures of big tree sweaters, that that one made me smile. So cute!

dude!!! I want to knit a tree sweater!!!

LMAO Two things come to mind when I look at the those pictures. The first thing is that it reminds me of that group Knitta, Please! They go around tying knit objects onto tree trunks, bike racks, door handles, etc. Then it also reminded me of the episodes of South Park where Mr. Garrison loses Mr. Hat and replaces him with Mr. Twig and he has that little purple shirt on.

thanks for sharing…i love the blog from the tresweater maker too…made me smile

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen, and maybe the funniest :roflhard: I want to make a big one for the tree by my back door.

You have to wonder who stole the first sweater.

That’s so cool! I love how so many people in her city were talking about it.

I see a tree sweater KAL in the future… Arbor Day is in April, right???

I think it’s both hilarious and extremely cute. Count me in for a tree sweater KAL!

Oh yes! There is a tree outside our house that definitely needs a sweater!


Now, would someone be able to help me sneak one onto the pathetic tree growing in the lobby of the bank I pay my Student Loans at? It is a real tree, but just as in need of some attention.


I love having the KH challenges done ahead of time!!!

That was on CuteOverload once! :smiley:

HaHaHA!!! :rofl:

I KNEW I’d find some kindred souls on here!! :muah: Let’s please do pay some attention to the underappreciated, scraggly, lonesome trees in our lives, and knit them a sweater …

Hildegaard, you’re on!! Being new to KAL’s, how does it work? April should work - y’all are right, Arbor Day’s around the corner!, it looks like a quick project!!

Well, in this case, we’ll all knit a sweater for a tree. :shrug: Have you checked out the KAL Forum? People join up and knit the same project, or a similar project, at the same time. Click on the link in my signature to see this month’s challenge.

I have a pitiful maple in our back yard I could do this for…although nobody would see it when they walk by…but still
I think it’s a great idea!!! :hug:

I love it! I should knit a little tree sweater for the tree outside in my front yard…It could use a little love! :heart:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That made me laugh. I’ve never seen a tree sweater before…

Boy asked me what I was doing because I kept walking from the front door to the back door checking trees out. I told him I was “surveying” the trees because I wanted to make one of them a sweater. He gave the :?eyebrow: look and told me I was crazy.

Just wait till one day he comes home with all his buisness work people and all the trees and bushes have sweaters :twisted: