OT (old topic)

At hockey tonight, one of the other moms begged me to knit her a sweater, and offered to pay me. “How much would you charge? I’m serious.” I just had to laugh and tell her I knit things for the joy of giving them to people I care for, and I promised to knit her something soon. She’s a knitter too, but doesn’t feel confident enough to do something for herself. :knitting: :heart:

What a compliment to your work! I’m making my first adult sweater for my husband and I’ve sweat bullets over stitches, gauge, tension, you name it, because I want it to be perfect for him. She may be a novice knitter who isn’t quite confident in her skill. I know that feeling all too well. It’s taken me 20+ years to get the guts for an adult sweater.

Uhh… I wouldn’t knit a sweater for someone else except maybe my girls. I can barely get one done for myself. The amount of time you put in would make it more expensive than anything anyone would want to pay IMO. :lol:

My mom knitted an adult sweater waaayyy back in the 80s and screwed it up. She had to make a long distance 911 call to my great-gramma for help. Memorriiiieesss :lol:

Lori, you could be her inspiration.

I don’t think I’d want to make a sweater for money. Which is odd because I do give blankets & such to charity.

Over the weekend, my mom asked me to make sweaters for my 3 great nephews. The twins’ birthday is next month. They are all toddlers, so maybe I’ll have all 3 done by then. I’m still looking for patterns I like.