OT: Oh by the way

I was officially divorced as of a few days ago. I took me from December until now to get it all done. It was a complicated, frustrating/annoying experience. For awhile, I couldn’t locate my ex husband to have him served…it would have been a nightmare if I hadn’t located him etc.

In BC, there’s a 31 day waiting period before it’s really 100% official (in case my idiot ex wants to file something I guess.) Then it’s a done deal.

:woot: :cheering: :happydance:

On the day I got the news, I bought some yarn at Zellers…cause I know how to celebrate. :rofl:

:blooby: :yay: :woohoo:


I am glad it is over fore you.

Congrats! Sorry the ex is being a pain. Have fun with the yarn :woot:

i am very glad it is over for you
good feeling
go back a few years before the law changed
it took me 15 years to get a divorce
happy things have changed

I think a good yarn indulgence is the best possible way to celebrate. Best wishes for a happy, yarn-filled future!

In BC, there’s a 31 day waiting period before it’s really 100% official (in case my idiot ex wants to file something I guess.) Then it’s a done deal.

31 days - great. In North Carolina you have to be legally separated for a year before you can even file.:passedout:

I couldn’t afford to file when I still lived in North Carolina. Now that I can afford it in Iowa, I am not yet a resident. I have to wait until I have lived here one calendar year, and then once I file it will take 90 days. Why is it so easy to GET married and so difficult to get OUT of it. Something is messed up.

When my daughter was getting divorced, she had to wait 6 months here in FL after she moved back from Oregon. She couldn’t file as soon as she wanted but had to wait till she had lived here 6 months. But when she was ready, she got a great lawyer. A lady was talking about her divorce at the ball park where my daughter was playing softball, her dad said go talk to her find out who her lawyer was, That lawyer walked all over he ex’s lawyer. He was a new lawyer just setting up his office , first case . Her ex wanted credit for all the money he had paid toward support for his son only to the date of filing, daughter’s lawyer wanted it to date of seperation. Judge gave it to date of seperation , his lack of support was very evident then. Daughter could have taken her ex for everything he had but Daughter didn’t want to be vindicted, she just wanted a fair dirvorce.

Geesh…I’ve been married 35 yrs and not divorced, but I think it’s pretty easy in CA to get divorced… hmmm…

Glad it’s all done for you!

ETA: I just looked it up and there is the 30 days to see if there is a response and then it takes 6mos to be final. Huh.

You have to be separated 1 year here, unless there’s abuse/cheating/etc, then it’s shorter or something. There was a paperwork problem that delayed mine two more weeks, then 31 day wait.

Rolling up on 31 days (this weekend.) Then it’s.over.forever.

My boyfriend is in divorce court with his ex-wife today, his is more complicated (house, kid etc) and in this case, his ex-wife is the bum, not him. He’s pretty stressed worrying about how it will go down.

It is true that it is much easier to get married than it is to get divorced. My ex husband refused to pay for half the (small) court costs in order to scr3w me over, so since I am on student loans, I had to go in front of a judge and plead indigency. So humiliating. Made me hate my ex husband even more. Oh well, live and learn.

I’m sorry you had to go through that but am glad it’s finally over for you. You did good celebrating!

It’s 100% over as of today. Yay! :smiley: I can put that horrible mistake 100% behind me, finally. :smiley: