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[color=blue]You all had such good advice for Mason! Care to help me as well? My hair is down the middle of my back and has that dang poof ( I just can’t seem to let that go :teehee: ). I would like to look nice for DD’s wedding… sooo what do you think?

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I’d say, get rid of the poof in the front and cut it a wee bit, to maybe 2-4" beyond the shoulders, then get that slightly softly curled.

You should really take my advice with the tiniest grain of salt ever mined, though.

Oh, this is such fun – I love to play beauty consultant! Is your hair similar to what’s in your avatar now? If so, I think a short, pixie-ish cut would be great on you. I think it would lighten up your look, and make you seem even more youthful and energetic. (Obviously, you already appear younger than you are if you have DD who’s old enough to marry! ;)) Would that be too drastic?

Is it naturally curly? How does it do in the humidity? How long have you worn it longer?


naturally wavey, but kinda flat on top (use a curling iron). Curls a bit more in the summer. Has been all different lengths… mostly on the longer side. I like what use to be called “wispies” around my face, really showing my age now lol.

anne [/color]

Short would look good on you. There is just one thing I’ve always felt about the idea that short hair makes people look younger. It may be true, everyone says it’s true, but precisely because everyone does it, I now consider it a style for older women. It’s become so pervasive that now I actually associate that haircut with being older and so now the person looks older to me, if you know what I mean. :shrug: I know, I know, I’m a bad person, but I do think it. That being said, I don’t know that you do (or should) care at all about trying to look younger.

How about shoulder length? Man, I am no help at all. Long, shoulder length, short. I dunno. But I’d definitely go without the front fluffy.

[color=blue]lol… well I don’t want to look “matronly” I am 44 and like you have kind of felt short hair was for older women… remember the day of short permed hair lol. I was kind of thinking middle of the road… sort of like the Catherine Willows Character on CSI? What do you think?

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[color=blue]lol… well I don’t want to look “matronly” I am 44 and like you have kind of felt short hair was for older women… remember the day of short permed hair lol. I was kind of thinking middle of the road… sort of like the Catherine Willows Character on CSI? What do you think?

anne [/color][/quote]

I didn’t know the look cuz I don’t watch the show, so I googled. you mean like this:
I think that would be nice. Btw, that pic scared the bejeezus out of me. She looks like she’s going to fry me with her eyes! But her hair is nice. :teehee:

It seems like Catherine’s hair constantly changing – does it look the pic currently?

About this long/short-old/young business… sometimes I think long hair on adult women can make them look like they’re trying to cling to their youth, particularly if the style is an obvious remnant of their teenage years. But it depends on the individual. I’m 36 and have hair most of the way down my back – thankfully, I can get away with it… I say thankfully because it’s really easy to take care of – pretty much just wash and wear. Whenever I’ve had shorter hair, a lot more maintenance seemed to be required. No blow drying or styling for me, thank you. It’s sort of funny because I loved to do that stuff as a teenager – I must’ve fulfilled my quota then. :teehee:

Do you have a good hairdresser. By “good” I mean does he/she make suggestions and have good reasoning for them? Do they have nice hair? I would never go to someone if I thought their style looked bad.

I honestly never know what to do with my hair. But my stylist does. Also, once you find a style that suits you, he/she can give you pointers on how to style yourself.

What type of salon do you go to? If you are going to a Best Cuts kind of place, you might want to splurge and go to a salon (I like Aveda salons), where you might get a little more attention.


[color=blue]sort of like this?

anne [/color]

:shrug: I have short hair, and I think it makes me look more adult than when I have longer hair, but I’m still practically a kid (23.)

I think you’d look really cute with short hair, even disregarding age. If I were you, I would go to a bookstore, grab all the hair magazines, and flip through and find stuff you like. Also, talk to your hair dresser about what s/he thinks would look good and work with your face and hair (everyone’s hair behaves differently). Once you get an idea of what you want, bring the picture in. I’m lucky in that I trust (more or less) my hair dresser, and I know it’s just hair and it will grow back, so I’m pretty carefree about trying new things.

I recently wanted a new haircut myself and I went to www.clairol.com and at the top there is a button called “Try It On Studio”. You can either download your own picture or use the computer picture and try on different hairstyles, FOR FREE!!! It’s alot of fun!


That is another problem, I have not found a stylist since coming her to Southern Maine. Compound that with the fact that I work with all men :doh: No one here to ask for referals from. ha! I really get nervous going to someone new - hence the somewhat untidy look right now.

anne [/color]


I’m the kind of person who wants to “know” I got a haircut when I get one. In other words, cut enough off for me (and everyone else) to notice. I like to get my money’s worth. :teehee:

Since your hair is only wavy, I say go for it and cut it. Maybe just above your shoulders. Work in those bangs.

Remember that it’s only hair. It will grow back out if you get it cut shorter than you like.

How about something like this, except a wee bit tamer (not sticking up so much in the back)?

[color=blue]wow that is short! lol I don’t know if I am feeling quite brave enough for that one Janel. Last time it was that short was in the 8th grade :teehee: and that was a LONG time ago. Very cute but a bit too drastic for me… please keep those ideas coming though I appreciate them!

anne [/color]

When is the wedding? I would suggest giving yourself a lot of time to get used to a new style before the wedding.

I’m not one for making big changes in my hairstyle all at once…tried that about three years ago and I feel like I’ve just recently recovered.

My best suggestion would be to do plenty of research. Find pictures online or from magazines…both styles you like, and also some you hate. Taking picures along helps a lot. Also, write down anything you want to remember to tell the stylist. If I don’t have it written down, it’s guaranteed that I will forget something. How much time do you want to spend on your hair on a daily basis? What have you liked about past hairstyles? What haven’t you liked?

Most salons will let you schedule a free 10-15 minute consultation with a stylist. This has worked out really well for me in the past when trying to find someone new. It gives you a chance to get ideas from a variety of stylists, and get a sense of who you’d like to have cut your hair. They don’t all have to be from different salons, either, although I think it’s a good idea to shop around. I’ve called a salon before and said something like, “I’m looking to find a new person to cut my hair, and I’d like to set up consultations with a few of the stylists that work in your salon.” Stylists usually have various levels of ability or training, and are usually priced accordingly. So you might want to ask about their various levels and set up an appointment with one of each (such as stylist, advanced stylist, master stylist…or whatever titles they use at any given salon).

Getting a few “professional opinions” can help give you more ideas, as well as a plan for how to get there.

I would suggest starting with cutting your hair just below shoulder length, and maybe add some long layers for movement (nothing shorter than chin length). And I also agree with the others who have said it’s time to ditch the poof.

Good luck!

[color=blue]Yes… I definately know it is time to ditch the poof… have tried many times, but now I am going to DO IT. I did find this online. I like it very much… ?

oh! the wedding is in April.

anne [/color]

:heart: Love that haircut!

Some people do really well with layers, but I’ve figured out through trial and error that I’m not one of them. At least not that many layers (hence my suggestion for long layers below the chin :teehee: ).

I would collect a variety of pictures that you like and take them with you to consultations. See what some stylists think about what would work well with your hair before you make a final decision.