OT: Nuke and Pave

Yesterday I had to install Windows 7 on my PC since the registry was hopelessly FUBAR, excuse my French. I’d put up with it as long as I could, but I knew it was time, and I was installing Win7 on my son’s virus laden laptop anyway.

I carefully backed up My Documents, and my mail and browser profiles and preferences, according to manufacturer directions and began nuking XP and installing Win7. It’s crispy in 64bits and I was happily setting up my apps when I got to my e-mail app. Despite having carefully followed Mozilla’s carefully crafted directions on backing up and saving my mail, I could not reload them. So I get on the web to see what I am doing wrong. (I always assume I am the one screwing it up, because I’m always right in that assumption). I find that there is basically a lynch mob ready to hang everyone at Mozilla because their directions for reinstalling Thunderbird in Win7 are WRONG. And evidently this issue has been known since beta testing. You would think in the 6 months Win7 has been out that they would have modified the instructions for backing up something as seriously important as your email for a new installation of an operating system.

I cry, I wail, I moan, and I move on to my browser settings. Evidently it saved my settings from 4 years ago, not the one I had recently backed up. All of my recent links are GONE. Which includes all my knitting links since I just started back with it last October.

I cried. I went to bed.

I woke up this morning and joined a lynch mob.

Yikes. That bites! :zombie: Would you like us to supply you with some new links? :wink:

Jan, I would love it. I’d kiss you but I just washed my hair :wink: