OT: Not feeling well

Good grief, last night I had the worst eczema flare. :gah: I was at work and it was a problem all over, not just my hands this time. That plus all the problems I’m having with my RLS (restless leg syndrome) and my usual asthma. Good God, my immune system really sucks lately. I need to get myself to a doctor soon. I’m sure it doesn’t help my case that I’ve been a midnight shift worker for 10+ yrs.

Anyway, I am whining a bit here :waah: but overall I’m just glad to be home tonight and resting on the couch. No eczema flare right now, thank God. Last time I had this much problem with flares I ended up getting cellulitis in my knee joint.

Ah well, what can you do? Maybe I need to start some exercise/healthy eating/healthy sleep take-care-of-myself regimin. Really, this needs to stop soon, I’ve been not taking care of my health at all. :oops:

I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well. :hug:

It sound like you’ve answered your own question, tho’.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! and feel better! soon! :muah:

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Starting tonight, I think I’ll start keeping track of when I sleep, what I eat and all that jazz. Really, it’s getting way out of control and I need to do something. Every problem I always have revolves around me not sleeping right, then not eating right, etc. I’m not in my 20’s anymore. :teehee:

I have some sort of eczema issues too…especially when I used to work as a floral designer. Now, I think it’s all nerves! I have been to dermatologists and pretty much along with doing tests and lecturing me on what I should and shouldn’t use on my skin, they like to point out that “you’re a picker, you’re a scratcher” DUH!!! It hurts and it ITCHES you idiots! I can’t seem to make it go away. I almost wish if I had to have it it would be on my body where I could cover it with clothing, but it’s on my hands. And people think it’s ok to point and exlaim “what’s wrong with your fingers/hands?” :grrr:
I get minor patches on my knee and sometimes the itching tingles on my eyelids. I had a patch test done just two weeks ago and of course, I was allergic to nothing, the dr. was sort of shocked. But along with the hormonal adult acne i am now getting on my chin and neck, she says she doesn’t want to give my pills since if i got pg that would be harmful…RRRRRRRRR!!!
I have a new job that is stressful and life in general has been hard for me to deal with because I worry about the stupidest things and then i worry about why i worry… RRRR again!
I’m really more inclined to think it’s nerves but I try to use non irritating cleansers and such but I’m not gonna give up girlie stuff like makeup and so on…I use gloves when i wash dishes and clean house and do yardwork.
The palms of my hands are the worst, they itch seemingly deep down inside, i wake myself up and night rubbing them. I don’t seem to get the little pinhead sized blisters on my fingers like I used to though. I don’t eat as healthfully as I should, but I’m not sure if my diet is causing the problem…
Well, at any rate, I’m right there with you in the empathy dept! :shrug:

Sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope it passes quickly.

Binky, I can totally relate to your story. I mean, I have been so itchy that I wake up scratching so it’s that bad. It’s not something that I can control. Like last night, my bangs were making my forehead completely red. How can you stop that? At my worst nothing can touch my skin without a problem. I’ve even had a problem in the shower when the water hits my super itchy skin. If it’s so bad you’re scratching in your sleep or in the shower then what’s a person to do? :??

Mine was diagnosed as “atopic eczema” which I now know is genetically related to my asthma. Last night my right cheek got flaming red and it’s hard like you said when it’s in places that you can’t hide. Just the other day was the first time someone at a store was giving me that look. I went to cash out at CVS and the clerk kept looking at my hands and she looked terrified of me. :oops: I was dying to tell her I’m not contagious and that she’s more of a threat to me then I am to her. It sucks when I’m not too worried about how it looks but someone seemed so scared of me. :verysad: I’m determined to get this vicious cycle under control.

I get eczema on my hands when I eat wheat or dairy. It’s an allergic type reaction… do you think you could have some food allergies?
That might contribute to the whole health thing…you should look into seeing a good naturopathic type doctor, they usually have some really good information about how to get into a healthier state of being.
Going to a Naturopath has really helped me and my family.
Hope you get to feeling better. :hug:

I’m all for figuring out what I’m doing that is making my skin go crazy. I’m going to keep track of all my food and sleeping habbits and everything like that. I really think the stress and maybe food allergies could definately be causing this.

Thank you guys for your helpful thoughts. :muah:

sorry to read that you are not feeling well, I too have suffered from excema, not very nice at all, after ruling out food allergies, I went to a dermatolligist who gave me a prescription for a cream called clobetasol, I had tried every cotizone type ointment out there and nothing worked until I got this cream, not expensive either, I recommend that you ask your family doctor for a referral to a dermatoligist, i visited my family doctor for over a year and tried everything he said then one vist to the dermatolist and except for a few minor flare up (usually stress related) I am 100% better now.
it really is a process of elimination which can be frustrating but worth it , get some rest and I hope you will be feeling better soon

I can relate! I had really bad excema patches on my hands when I was working at a day care and dollar store. The Harsh soaps and anti bacterial stuff we used at the daycare mixed with working in the back and breaking down boxes that dried my skin out big time = huge itchy red patches. They eventually went away when I stopped working there. But I forever get slight flare ups in dry weather, or if I wash my hands too much.

Presently I have a REALLLY bad excema flare up on the back of my head (along the base of my hairline, from ear to ear along the neck) It feels so tight and sore and OMG SO. EFFING. ITCHY.!!! I have been dying my hair since I was 12, but this new brand I started using about 6 months before suddenly started to burn(I’ve never had a problem before…) Now I can’t get rid of it. I haven’t been to a docs yet tho because I just can’t afford any script they will give me for it right now. So I slather it in my usual unscented lotion that worked nicely for my other flare ups, and it helps a bit. Takes the sting and urgency of the itch away, but makes my hair so thick and greasy. PLus I have to wear my hair in a pony tail at work, so everyone is always saying OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAD?! and when I scratch OMG DO YOU HAVE LICE? The worst is waking myself up at night because I was desperately scratching at the back of my head.

I am also getting a flare up on my toes. :verysad: We had some really bad snowy weather, and I am the snow clean up gal at work. (I love it, so I don’t mind) but my winter boots decided to get leaky suddenly… I tried my best to get them dry under the dryer, because I knew what wet shoes all day will give me… No luck. They are mostly swollen and kinda pink not nearly as bad as they were a few years ago. But they are so itchy,. The itch is endless. I wake up at night rubbing my toes off the edge of the bed. And the only thing that will make it go away is keeping me feet, clean and dry and well lotioned for a few days.

I hope my plan for work works… (ha) I have to do alot of outside cleaning, with the hose and scrubbing with soaps and stuff, and my shoes often get wet. (thus what caused the really bad problem a few years ago.) so I am going to buy a pair of those ugly black rain galoshes just for doing outside work. I just can’t afford those super fancy work shoes that are waterproof… so Hopefully this will solve the problem this summer… JUst my head needs tending to… sigh*

I’m sorry you’re sick!
I used to get hives when I was too young to remember it now.
Hope you are better soon!
Does oatmeal help with that, or is everything useless?

I am a little worried about you, I too just let it go too long and ended up with infections from scratching, if you cant afford medication right now please dont let that stop you…tell your doctor and if he is good like mine he will give you some samples, that way you can see if the medication works, and hopefully by then you can pay for a subscription , the stuff they prescribed for me was a no name medication (generic brand ) and I got 2 tubes for under 10.00 and I have been using them for the past 6 months …you really shouldnt let this go as if it leads to an infection, you will get quite ill and it will cost double for medication plus antibiotics, the time to take care of yourself is now, all the best to you :muah:

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I hope you are feeling fine :hug: :hug: :hug:

Yeah… try to take more rest if possible, that’ll probably make you feel better :hug: :hug:

hugs for you- it is hard to take care and do all the right things all the time. thinking of you, MKZ

yeah that even makes the situation bad

I got skin rashes on my hands whenever i eats dairy. It is all about skin allergy reaction, can cross check that do you have any allergic reactions.
Even That might contribute to the cause of health thing, you have to look into it seeing a good dermatologist, a skin doctor, they usually have some really good knowledge about how to get rid of the current situstion. I hope a dermatologist ca nhelp you a lot in getting things in a cool way.

Oatmeal washes and hand creams, aloe Vera, coconut oil work wonders for me.