OT: Nonny's Pride

My grandson, Thomas, ran his first 5 K today! He is 6 years old!

That’s awesome! :cheering:

That’s wonderful! He must be really exhausted! :teehee:

That’s incredible! I can’t run a block without feeling exhausted.

That’s so great~ He is already learning healthy habits :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: … yep ( exercise can be FUN) ~!! :roflhard:

My dd told me he can run faster than she can and she has been jogging for quite awhile.

How fun!
I love 5ks and such when young kids are involved in the same races as adults–it cracks me up. With just their natural energy so many young kids just absolutely school out of shape adults (like myself!) who’ve trained for the event. And the kids beat them even with their distractions–running zig zags cuz it’s fun, skipping, stopping to smell some flowers or throw some dirt. My dad recently got walloped in a 5K by a school-age cousin in similar circumstances :rofl:

Of course, I’m still proud of my dad for getting off his butt too :teehee: