[OT] Non-knitting wedding gift

My hubbies co-worker is getting married in Sept. He is in his mid-30’s and independently wealthy. They moved into a new house this year & have everything they need. They are registerred at a couple of places but made the comment that they didn’t really find anything they wanted, that they just kinda scanned stuff. He is not spiritual at all & wouldn’t appreciate a knitted gift(i won’t have time anyway). Y’all are creative so I thought I would give it a shot & ask here.

In his case, since they have what they need, and why did they register if they weren’t interested… I would suggest making a donation to a local shelter in their name. Since you mention he’s not the spiritual type, instead of a church or group that has ties to a group supporting certain beliefs, donating to a food pantry or shelter would be a good way to help the community. :thumbsup:

well i am not sure what you want to spend on this obviously but when my cousin got married i got them a brass door knocker for their new house with their name and the year they were married engraved and presented it in a nice cherry wood box. i still think it is the coolest gift, though if they have a glass or metal front door it doesn’t really work.

what about a subscription to Taste of Home? Or another magazine that deals with something they are both insterested in?

Not knowing how crafty you are other than knitting…but you could make a wedding wreath for their home. It has flowers that are supposed to mean specific things. If you make it fresh it dries beautifully, or you can do already dried or silk. I can post it the first part of August if you would like that info.

I also love the idea of donating to a local shelter, food pantry, etc… Are they pet people? Donate to a local animal rescue, something along that line.

There are other programs where you can name a star after someone, “adopt” an acre of rainforest or a mountian gorilla or another endangered animal in someone’s name, things like that…

I like the idea of finding a cause they are both interested in (gives you a chance to be all SNEAKY!) and donating in some way. I think an organization that offers a naming or adoption option makes it extra special for their wedding.

So far all I know that he likes is golf. I have never met his gf. I am not sure, but don’t think they share a common interest. We will see him today, maybe I will ask. I also have to ask my hubby how much he wants to spend.

I went to an overnighter with the local group(workers) & they liked to have a nice dinner, drink & talk on the phone. It was really weird after dinner was over where ever they were they each were on a cell chatting away. :?? They would still kinda chat with each other too. Must be a salesmen kinda thing. They all sell medical supplies to doctors & are on the phone & in the car all day. Maybe I could get his wife-to-be a certificate to surgically remove the phone from him for their honeymoon.

kk, I googled about “adopt” an acre and couldn’t believe all the choices available: rainforest, coral, freshwater, animal… I’m gonna do that for gifts. I wish I would have thought of that for our grads!

Another thought, one of our favorite wedding gifts was from dh’s former boss. He and his wife gave us a very nice picture frame, brass I think, that had our names and wedding date engraved on it. I put our church wedding certificate in it but it fits an 8x10. I like to give picture frames as gifts when appropriate. Something basic, but can be made personal by the recipient. Everyone has pictures and size isn’t an issue! :thumbsup:

So my Hubby had the task of getting more info today. I told him he needed at least one common interest that the couple shared. I also told him sex didn’t count. Sooo, without so much as a breath Terry (the soon to be husband) says sex, but using a much more grafic word, cause ya know, they are guys. So my hubby presses him for at least five more minutes & he says, “We like to golf together. Um well, she likes to golf with me, I don’t like to golf with her.” Sooo, he took a bit more time & came up with cooking & sometimes cooking & sex together. My hubby says he used sex in between all this too.

Soo, conclusion is they like to cook, but really have all the pans & stuff they need. I am still thinking the cell phone removale surgery is the best bet. He was talking about using his phone when he was in meeting with his customers. The man is an addict. (not to mention rude)

Well if they both like to cook, what about a nice balsamic vinaigrette and/or a cruet?

OO, OO, another idea then… I gave my godparents (for christmas, but still a neat idea) A bottle of flavored olive oil and a shaker of italian seasoning mixes and a set of 4 little dishes for bread dipping. They loved it. It’s a fun thing to nibble on while making dinner (unless they prefer to nibble on each other, per your hubby’s research… :shock: )
I have also given as wedding gift a nice bottle of champagne a dinner gift certificate so they perhaps have an option to use for a “first anniversary” celebration.
Or how’s about some bucks toward golfing time or lessons to brush up their skills. Or a couples spa day? or or or… a cooking class?
gads, why don’t we get this kind of stuff? :??

oo a cooking class is a good idea!
I like the spa idea too… or you could make up a basket with some fluffy towels, a “romantic” movie (whatever their tastes–9 1/2 weeks might work), a few candles, massage lotion, vino, some chocolate covered strawberries… they can do their own spa thing.

OOh, I would like that gift! My hubby was thinking about a couple of massages.

I heartily recommend a gift certificate to Home Depot/Lowes/Ace Hardware, or their local grocery store!