OT- No longer missing Cookie (Cat) ** A little long** Update

My little Cookie is MIA. Let me give you a little background. I live in the “boonies”. We have three cats and one dog. Two of them are pretty outdoor savy. Well Cookie, she is a little simple. My other two hunt, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, voles… etc. Cookie is our moth catcher. My father tells me all the time she is just a little off, but she makes up for it in her coloring (tortie). On Sunday, she pretty much stayed inside with me. We have a rule, if they are all in by 7pm they don’t go back out. Well Cookie didn’t want to go outside (it was a little hot). By 7:30pm she was meowing to go out. I was outside BBQing dinner and everytime I came in I had to shoo her away from the door. Well she out smarted me a squeezed past my feet and escaped. She came back around 11:30p and I tried to trick her inside with her favorite treat (whipped cream out of the can). That didn’t work. So far this morning, no sign of the little bugger. She did this last summer and was gone for two nights! She better get back home soon, before the dog gets all her whipped cream. Here is a picture of her that I took with her new cat bed.

Maybe she went looking for love? :heart:

I guess I forgot to mention. She has a personal space issue. She can’t stand any cat next to her within 10 inches. LOL It’s pretty funny actually. She makes this moaning/growling sound, when one of the other cats invades her “space”.

Maybe she prefers her mates to be on the “wild side”. :roflhard:

I hope she comes home soon. It’s hard when you don’t know where they are, the pets. She’s a beautiful girl! Everyone needs a moth catcher. We do here. Our one cat is the best at that. Please let us know when she comes home. :crying: samm

aww she sounds adorable. Hope she comes home soon :slight_smile:

Oh no! I hope she comes home soon! That’s a cute photo!

Well it’s close to 11:30 here and she finally came home. :cheering: The little bugger. I spent most of the night calling her and shaking her food jug. In the midst of all this I was able to finish my i-cord for my booga and felt it (will post pics later.) Now I am off to bed. Thanks for your posts.

Here is a pic of her sleeping after her wild night out in the woods.

She’s gorgeous! She looks like my Ursula, who is with her new Mommy, Angelia… :heart:

I’m so glad she came home! She’s just adorable. I’m sure she couldn’t stay away too long, not with that pretty bed to come home to!

:cheering: glad she is home! I bet she had a wild old time out there but is glad to be home to her warm bed. It’s a bit like us when we go on vacation, its great to go away but its even greater to get home =D

I guess she just needed a night out to go “catting”. :smiley:

I had some nights like that myself when I was in my 20’s. :rofling: