OT: No knitting for a while

I feel so sad, I havent been able to knit for a while, not because I didnt want to, but because I just dont feel like doing it… I have so much yarn and so many projects to finish it makes me sad I dont feel I have the strength to do it. :frowning:
I just came back from a trip to see my parents, I am thinking that might have something to do with it… I dont even feel like going to work anymore.
What is wrong with me?? What happened to my passion for knitting???!!! :?? :wall:

I have half that problem. I don’t want to go to work but I DO want to knit all the time. :x:

Don’t worry Melissa - just blame it on the baby and the busy-ness of your visit with your parents. It will probably pass but please make sure you’re knitting because you enjoy it - don’t let it become a chore!

Thank you!

I hope my passion for knitting will come back… soon!! I miss enjoying it…