OT: No Generation Gap

Have you noticed how nice it is to chat with other knitters and for many we don’t even know the ages of the people we are chatting with? Everyone has a good time and there is not a generation gap among the various ages.

I think I’ve seen as young as 14, and as old as I am, at …uh…“much older”. How nice that knitting can do the “nearly” impossible and bring so many generations together for fun. We don’t even have to know how old the other knitters are to enjoy the company.

I called this OT, but I guess it really isn’t? … :oops:


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :aww: :heart:

I second what Christine said! :muah: :heart:

:happydance: :hug:
I agree, I love this place.
By far the best forum I’ve ever participated in. Plus–nobody ever says stuff like “you visit a site called knitty.com??” Which is what my real-life friends all say. :teehee:

Yeah, that is nice isn’t it!? Sometimes I think I figured out how old someone might be and then they share a picture and whoa… way younger than I thought. :teehee:

I’ve gotta say that I’m having such a GREAT time on these boards! While I get “funny” looks from some of my peers who see me knitting, I feel :heart: :heart: here.


It is sooooooooooo nice to have a place that I can visit from my own home where everyone understands me. Where I’m not judged on my age, body type, economics or job and I don’t have to have any particular political view or be of any particular religous persuation. :muah: :muah: :muah:

There’s no place like KH, there’s no place like KH, there’s no place like KH.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I agree with everyone. My hair stylist makes fun of my knitting, I look about 10 years younger than I am (which everyone assures me will be nice when I’m 50…) and currently I feel like a hippo so much that I don’t leave the house (pregnant–due any day)…but I can come here and it’s comforting, no one makes fun or seems to care about how old I am (or look). I feel comfortable saying most anything and don’t have to worry about what others might think…

It’s weird…almost like everyone here are my friends–even though I only really know one or two of you.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! No one is judged on any of the subjects you mentioned. Age or your own beliefs don’t matter. Knitting just brings people together. I think all politicians should learn to knit. Then, at the next global conference, they all take out thier knitting and talk. Problems would be solved in no time. :happydance:

It’s nice to come to a forum where when I leave I feel better not worse. Some other message boards I’ve belonged to just made me feel uncomfortable with their constant bickering and nastiness. None were knitting related I might add. I love it here, it’s like a comfortable old leather chair! :muah:

Yes, KH is great! :cheering:

There’s nothing like a hobby to bring people of different ages, jobs, opinions, etc. together. I mentioned to my mother that she could crochet with my knitting group if she visited me, and she said, “Oh, I’d be afraid of being out of place with a group of people your age.” Who said the people in my knitting group are all my age? :teehee:

yeah. I :heart: this place. DH makes fun of me sometimes and said he couldn’t take my laptop when he goes out of town because he knows that one of my favorite things is watching tv and surfing KH. I tried to tell him that we have another computer upstairs, but he won’t listen.

Everyone is just so friendly and helpful! Who wouldn’t want to spend a bunch o time here?

ugh… double post.

I recomend this site to SO MANY people
experienced knitters as well as beginers
none have said “hey ecb, are you the lady I met at marriners Restarant?” or "hey, are you the woman i met at the Snow Bowl?"
but I have faith they find this place as helpful as I do
even if I do not post as often as i would like