OT- Nintendo Wii

I just got a Nintendo Wii with Zelda-Twilight, Madden (will sell that or let my BF play it) and more games and other extras on ebay for a very good price. I am so excited to play it. Ok, my nintendo love has now been exposed for all the knitting world to see but I DON’T CARE. The Wii is the best video game system and is such a complete upgrade from my GameCube. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I watched my 40-something friend demonstrate the tennis game after Christmas. Her hubby bought it, supposedly, for their daughter. Yeah…right…

Just be careful not to throw the controllers into the TV. :roflhard:

I called my friend last night, and he told me his roommate “was performing surgery on the Wii.”

“Why? Did it break?”

“No, he’s performing surgery. On the Wii. It’s a game.”

“…that’s :!!!: awesome.”

We have one. My inlaws ask us to bring it every time we come over.

I’ve been knitting too much to play lately… :slight_smile:

My friend finally got his recently. I got a message from him the night he got it… “guess what guess what guess what!”

“you got your Wii.”

“Yup… i am exhausted”


Trauma Center. It is a awesome game.

my Dh was one of the geeks who stood in line all night long so he could get one on the Launch day back on November. He still brags to his geek friends that he was #12 in line. he’s a weirdo.

I should have pre-ordered one. I am a Nintendo fanatic. I have a DS, a GameCube and a Super Nintendo. I am excited to check out all the games.

The person playing the surgery game has Nintendo, Japanese Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Japanese Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, the Wii, and a Playstation 2. Talk about hardcore gamers. :teehee:

I’m not sure about Gameboys and/or the DS.

you think that’s bad, my husband is a gaming fanatic. I didn’t let him get a wii until february for his birthday, and yet, he doesn’t play it that much. Wii sports gets boring pretty quick. He doesn’t have twilight princess for it yet, which is probably why he hasn’t been playing it recently. In our house we have a playstation, playstation II, Xbox, Wii, sega dreamcast, and gameboy advance sp. The xbox is modded so it has emulators and all the games for nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64, turbo graphix 16, sega genisis, a ton of arcade games, and I’m sure I’m missing another couple systems there. We’ve got plenty of video games in this house!

I got my Wii today and it is everything I could have hoped for and more. This will be a major distraction from studying and knitting for a while. :slight_smile:

Yep, major video game junkie here. I’m pre ordering the Fire Emblem game and the new Super Smash Brothers. I think I’m going to spring for the Cooking Mama game, the DS one is great!

Lynda M
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OMG! I want one… My babe might get it for me for my birfday. :smiley:

My 6 year old grandson got one for Christmas and he loves it. He also has Nintendo, , Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, the Wii, a Playstation and not one, but 2 Gameboys. He is a video game wiz, playing adult games (not adult content) like a pro. He could complete the Tony Hawk game all the way through when he was barely 4 and he couldn’t read yet! :rofl:

Now before all you mommy’s out there grouse about a little kid his age playing a lot of video games, let me tell you he makes straight A’s is also in Cub Scouts, takes Piano lessons twice a week and violin lessons so his parents don’t let him just sit and play all the time. He also plays outside on his bike (we were with them for dinner Saturday night and he has the bandaids on his knees and elbows to prove it from a spill)and swims in his pool a lot during the summer.

Glad you like it so much!

I WANT ONE! :pout:

We didn’t get any money back from the taxes this year, but I have been putting aside a couple dollars here, a few dollars there toward this beautiful little invention.

Hubby has no idea. :teehee: I am going to surprise him when I have enough money.

Of course, keeping the secret now is just about killing me. :hair:
I am so bad at keeping surprises, well, surprises!


I am looking forward to going home tonight to do some bowling and some Zelda and then mayyybe some knititng…