OT-Nice place for a honeymoon?

[color=blue]In February? :sunny: Second marriage for us… want to go somewhere warm… maybe a chapel on a beach and a week of lazing about enjoying each other’s company. Would :heart: love some ideas from this warm wonderful group. Thanks [/color]

We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon – it was April and it was very warm. We absolutely loved it there…it has such a rep as a party town but there really is something for everyone. And the food is sooooo good. :mrgreen:


We had talked about New Orleans. It sounds like a wonderfully romatic place. The music, history and of course food lol. We had thought of Florida too, but it is the week of the Daytona 500… wall to wall folks. [/color]

It’ll be busy in Daytona Beach and Orlando for the race. How about heading further south to the Keys? You haven’t seen a sunset till you’ve seen it from a beach in the Florida Keys.


Suggestions of places to stay? I just logged onto a site in the keys as your message came through… looking at a place called the Hungry Pelican in Key Largo lol… love the name… am still perusing. I have only been as far as Key Biscane (sp) and that was years ago. I did love it there though sigh :heart: Would like to go now… sandy beaches… shorts… barefeet… no work… ahhh [/color]

Aventura Palace!

I agree with Silver… My DH and I took a spontanious trip down to the keys and even though I’m a native, I was still stunned at the beauty of the keys. Silver is SO right about the sunsets… the sky turns an amazing shade of pink and the water is in hues of blue that you would find in a rainbow of the prettiest yarns. The tropical breezes… OMG the tropical breezes just smell so wonderful. If I ever get mad at my DH, all I have to do is think of that trip to fall madly in love with him, all over again. We plan to retire there, live on the beach, and belly up to the bar at Sloppy Joe’s, till we die. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

sigh… that sounds wonderful. :cheering: where did you stay? if you don’t mind me asking… we would love someplace cozy…non commercial. Actually getting married down there is a possibility. [/color]

DH is from Australia and we married and honeymooned in the Melbourne area. I suggest, if at all possible, looking into going there. I :heart: :heart: :heart: LOVED :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! And I tell everyone that were it not for my two munchkins still here in the states, I so would not have left! Anyway, I know it’d be expensive. But like I said…if at all possible :smiley:

They have a ton of places like that… where you can have a beach ceremony…

Um… when I say spontanious, I mean spontanious… Our daughter was gone for the long weekend and I woke up on Saturday morning and said “hey, let’s drive to Orlando” just to get out of the house… When we got to Orlando, he said "hey, let’s go over to the Cape and see the shuttle. So we drove there and I said “hey, you know we aren’t far from Cocoa Beach (I lived there for a term as a kid) wanna go?” so we drove to Cocoa… while sitting there on the beach with the water rushing over our legs (this was spring break weekend) he said “wouldn’t it be totally kooky if we drove to Miami to get some cuban sandwiches?”… when we got back into the car, we looked at each other and drove south…

We got to Deerfield Beach around midnight (we took A1A /1 the whole way down) and got a room. We washed our clothes in the sink and hung them to dry… then had a WONDERFUL ~wink~ night… woke at 5am, showered, and checked out. We headed down to Miami, (Sunday morning) where we got trapped on a narrow back road downtown RIGHT next to Ashanti, who did NOT look happy, while sitting in a black Mercedes, during a video shoot… (or commercial… not sure what it was all about but they flagged us through)… I said, “honey, wouldn’t it be a dream to go to Sloppy Joe’s?” (DH loves Hemmingway) He smiled and said “what the hell? were this far already… let’s do it”

so we left Miami, and the cuban sandwiches behind… and drove all the way down the keys… from Key Largo (great movie… on of our faves) all the way down to Key West. We parked and went walking up and down Duval street, bellied up to the bar at Sloppy Joe’s. He had a Sloppy Rita and I don’t remember what I had… anyway, we went to the dingy that says “90 miles from Cuba”… did a little sight seeing and then headed back.

On the way home, we stopped on “Little Duck Key” and went swimming. We were helping some adorable toe headed little girl chase crabs through the sand in the water… The sand is like … a heavy grit… so it stays on the bottom and the water is crystal clear… amazing… that was fun… she was SOOO cute… and then we watched the sun set. The sky was amazing. I drove back while the DH hung his bare feet out the window (like I did on the way there) and enjoyed himself. He fell asleep and we got home around 3am. It was the best trip I had ever been on. We did the same thing on July 4th weekend… only we went to New Orleans. That did not compare at ALL with the Keys… but it was a blast, just the same.

I love my DH more than life because he is who he is… anyone that can be THAT spontanious with me… mmm… okay gotta go… heh


:heart: BELIZE. :heart:

For our 5th anniversary, we spent half of our time on the interior, hiking (easy hiking) near waterfalls in the rainforest, watching birds and lazing around in hammocks at Duplooys. Its small, cozy, isolated but not TOO isolated, owned by a warm and welcoming previously-American family.

We spent the other half of our trip on the beach, snorkeling and partying on Ambergris Caye (“Key”). If I had it to do over again, we would stay at Ramon’s. And, you can get married there…look at the bottom of the page.

[color=blue] :sunny:
Aby… that was a wonderful story… I read it outloud to Gary. :smiley: We narrowed it down to the Keys!

KK we will keep that in mind for a future run away place for sure… we loved your pictures that you posted after your trip! :cheering:

bekahdrmom my uncle lives in Australia… but financially we can not afford that right now. Maybe in the future he tells wonderful stories about living there. :balloons:

So now it is finding cozy accommidations, figure flights and find someone to do the ceremony. This will be my first commercial flight so I am sure I will look very much the tourist lol. Thank you all for your suggestions and stories.

Stonington, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting that you all want to get married in the Keys! It is lovely, I could not imagine a more relaxing place or a more picturesque on a budget. ENJOY!!! Make sure you post a few pics!

ooooh yay :cheering: Okay, here is a tip… if you go to Sloppy Joe’s… and you MUST!, have lunch there… and order the fried grouper strips and chips(fries)… I have never had fish and chips so goooooood… they were awesome! Also, I suggest walking up Duval street. There are wonderful shops on both sides of the road, and it has almost… a block party feel to it. Very nice. Should still be nice in February… the block party feel may have been due to it being Spring Break. (I still wear my Sloppy Joe’s spring break shirt).

Most important… get LOTS of pictures so we can all see what a great time you had. :thumbsup:

Aby come to Pensacola, or Destin and have the fish and chips at McQuire’s…it is awesome!! Then you can come see me too!! :happydance:

Love the Keys! I’ve only been there once and plan to return. You can’t miss Sloppy Joe’s. I would live there if I could. :thumbsup:

:thinking: Next time I’m up that way, I’ll let you know. Then you can meet us up there for fish and chips :happydance: